Singapore bar takes drinking to new level with cocktail-flavoured gummy bears

ANI | Updated: Apr 16, 2018 09:40 IST

Singapore, Apr. 13 (ANI): A bar in Singapore has taken the drinking to a new level by introducing customised cocktail flavoured gummy bears for their customers, according to VinePair.

Customised cocktail gummy bear cocktails in the much celebrated 'Tipping Club' have interesting names such as Lust and Success, each of them correspond to a drink with similar flavours.

To help the customers choose their drink, a bag of 12 customised cocktail flavoured gummy candies inside it are handed over to them.

As the fun factor increases, customers are treated to the red "Lust" bear which is a Peach Bellini, made with tonka beans. Also, the quirky cocktail "Success" bear which is green in colour isn't far behind as it is boozy and made with Amaro Montenegro, Cognac, whiskey, and Shiraz.

The yellow bear is called "Happiness," as it is made with tequila and served with a citrus "acid tab" along with the delicious Margarita.

A quirky concept such as this only goes on to prove that fun and getting high could come anywhere and in any weird way, even if that means chewing gummy bears in a bar. (ANI)