Tarun Tahilani, Amit Aggarwal create chaos within cosmos at AIFW AW '17 Grand Finale(Updated)

| Updated: Mar 19, 2017 14:13 IST

New Delhi [India], Mar. 19 (ANI): The much glamorous Amazon India Fashion Week Autumn-Winter 2017 called off its curtains after creating a chaos within the cosmos, which made every audience go awestruck. The grand finale, presented by Tarun Tahiliani and Amit Aggarwal, was set amidst a jungle-like atmosphere, created on the runway. Tarun combined a sensuous occasion-wear with dramatic flair. His handcrafted collection was homage to construction, draping and fit. When asked about the concept, Tahiliani told ANI, "It is my ready to wear collection, except there are few blacks at the end. For me, ready to wear is something that you can wear to an event like this or to dinner, it is not bridal. I had to make Indian women modern, without go to nestle for the dress. So if you take all these dhotis and kurtas and all those drapes and modernize it, so that you can wear with the ease of the dresses you all are wearing." According to the ace designer, his collection was "a bohemian rhapsody of sorts." It was inspired by the nomadic beauty of Indian tribes, which mingled with motifs from Mughal armory-inspired art. Innovatively engineered garments with cascades and cowl drapes on gilets, capes, concept sarees, jumpsuits and dresses, reflected the design house's take on the modern urban tribal - Indian but global. He also shared, the inspiration behind his collection, "My inspiration has always been the way Indians drape. The way they mix and match things and how fluid it is. India as look is timeless. So it is always to take that timelessness to constructive clothing and to make it contemporary, there will always be western clothing except at weddings, which will break my heart for sure." The ready-to-wear line was an extravagant visual tour-de-force. Artfully divided into categories, it showcased Tarun's unsurpassed mastery in different forms of workmanship. The designer believes that this collection is not just for a ramp show, but real fashion that everyone can wear. Speaking about the evolution of fashion over the years, Tahiliani said, "Women have the freedom of be who you want. Actually, you can be much sexier in everything. But we should not become so westernized, that we forget our own identity. That is my only problem all the time. Identity of Indians as Indians is beautiful, we have this wonderful culture, why you have to quit what we are." Amit created a couture line, which had influences of the stunning and ever-changing curves of earth's topography. The metallic strength of the man-built structures were seen in this collection. He said, "Since it is the last show of the season, we wanted to talk about the main aspect of what the brand is made up of, which is sustainability, recycled materials and understanding what our heritage is and what the new generation is looking forward to. Our whole collection is done by pre-owned patolas and banarsis, which we have revived through contemporary methods of pleating and created a festive plus fun line for everyday wearing." This season, Amit showcased sustainable couture for the first time ever. The designer also used pre-owned patola sarees and Benaras brocades in his signature style. Explaining the same, he said, "This collection draws out rich heritage crafts to blend into our eclectic present." Talking about his inspiration, Amit told ANI, "The inspiration behind my collection has always been the tension and co-existence of man-made and nature. I think it is the biggest conflict that we face on the regular basis, but we co-exist beautifully. That is what you will get to see in the collection." Most of his collection are hand-woven and have come from the weavers of Banaras. To sum it up, Tarun and Amit played as a perfect combo that gave the national capital a show to be remembered for long. Speaking on showcasing his work with Amit at AIFW, Tarun said, "It is a pleasure and exciting to be showing at the Amazon India Fashion Week Finale. A culmination of a week of ideas of where Indian fashion will head, the definition of new trends, and what are the 'Fresh New Looks' - which is the recurrent theme and a signature campaign by Amazon Fashion.This is also a fusion of ideas as I show alongside one of my old proteges who has morphed into his own master with mastery over his own particular techniques and sculptural fashion." Adding, "Not a jugalbandhi but derived from the same sources, while the rivers of creativity flowed down different valleys - eventually it all ends in the sea, from the great deep to the great deep it goes. So, how along the way is the transformation back, and this 'Fresh New Look' from a fountain that leapt into its own universe." (ANI)