This season, get summer bold with these style trends

Pallavi Aman Singh | Updated: May 28, 2017 18:58 IST

New Delhi [India], May 28 (ANI): Summer is a time to shed layers and get comfy and so, fashionistas are looking to put a stylish foot forward while trying to stay cool. Want a fresh new look for the summer jollies you have planned? Ragini Varma, fashion expert at the fashion e-commerce portal, Fynd, has shared some tips that will help you revamp your wardrobe with something cool. "While you can go completely experimental in the hot days ahead, choose the right material and styles to flaunt the right look. After all, as summer sets in, the urge to stay comfortable takes priority over style." Ragini told ANI. She added, "The ideal fabric would be one that allows the body to breathe. In this season, the most-preferred choices are loose pants and flowy tops made of natural fabrics. The perfect summer fashion would be beating the heat with the right combination of colours, textures and fabrics." Let's take a look at some of the fashion trends that you can embrace this hot season: 1. Look chic with sheer - In this sultry weather, sheer is a trend worth exploring. Sheer is a raging fashion trend this season with ensembles such as tees, dresses and sarees embracing this see-through fabric like never before. Look for a high-waisted sheer skirt and pair it with a solid top or pair a see-through shirt/top with your favourite denims. Several international celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Rihanna and other supermodels have stolen the limelight in their transparent clothing on the fashion runways. Be it embellished blouses or the nine-yard wonder, sheer is known to add elegance and sexiness to the simplest of outfits. 2. Say it with words, this summer - It was at the New York Fashion Week that we first saw designers shaping their collections with tongue-in-cheek to contentious political slogans. While the trend of splashing slogans or all kinds of messages has been there for quite some time, it is especially during the recently held US elections that these slogan t-shirts became a style statement for many. Look for a mix of versatile and witty slogans to express your views to everyone. The shirts may be plain but the words can make it more revealing than you think. It is definitely the attention-seeker costume of the year. 3. Try off-the-shoulder style - Not only are they adorable, but can also be styled with everything from denim cut-offs, jeans or your favourite shorts, skirts flares to midi skirts. Look for floral prints, ruffled and colourful patterns to be summer-ready and sport a flirtier look in an off-the-shoulder dress. This asymmetrically-linear neckline pattern accentuates your feminine look and can be worn more easily instead of crop tops. 4. Ditch blacks and blues - This is the right time to bid goodbye to all your dark and dreary outfits and embrace soft and dreamy pastel-coloured ones. In summer, keep your bright-coloured outfits aside and adorn lighter versions of your favourite colours. Play it cool with lighter, fresher hues like pastels, lime green, minty green and zesty orange, breezy teals, baby pinks, peach, soft turquoise, butter yellow, etc. These colours will add brightness to your overall look. Pastel shades will also amp up your sartorial choices and transform your styles with a fresh appeal. 5. Add a touch of elegance with embroidery/patchwork - Comfortable clothing should be the keyword in the hot and humid months. However, if you want to add some bling to your costumes, then choose from embroidery or patchwork patterns. They will not only enhance your costume but add a classy look to your appearance. Exquisite embroidery, floral handwork, minimal brocade and patchwork add a subtle luxury and glamour your overall ensemble. 6. Ruffle it up - If you are keen to show off some skin this season, then bare your shoulders in a ruffle short-sleeve top. The ruffled ensemble with a shoulder-baring neckline lends a feminine touch and is one of the hottest looks to embrace this season. The ruffled-shoulder design can be found in dresses, gowns, tops, which makes it versatile and a popular choice amongst women. 7. Denims are best with ruffles - While summer time is incomplete without hot pants and shorts, you cannot completely give away your denims in summer. Express your love for the fabric with ruffled denims this season. The layer of flounce adds a touch of playfulness in your denim wear. Denim-ruffled shirts, pants, skirts are equally smart and charming for summer. Happy styling up for summer! (ANI)