Here are five apps for new mothers

ANI | Updated: Apr 08, 2018 22:16 IST

New Delhi [India], Apr. 8 (ANI): Entering into parenthood is an exciting phase, especially for women. It is a phase that a woman waits for eagerly. And with the advent of technology, women can now easily keep track of their maternity, read expert views and share their troubles with a common group.

From seeking professional help to budgeting for purchases and looking for places to buy clothes and other goods for their children, women now have access to all at their fingertips.

In this regard, here are some apps working towards making motherhood easy for women:


Firstcry app is an online shopping platform designed for moms and babies. It offers every product a mom may need for her baby or for herself with a good number of brands to choose from. Firstcry also has a community where mothers can ask any shopping-related question and chat with other moms to find out what they are buying and why.

Baby Chakra

BabyChakra app is one that addresses all pregnancy, parenting, maternity, baby development and childcare needs. It helps expecting mothers to get answers to all their parenting questions and get help during their pregnancy.


Momspresso is a platform that provides content for the multi-faceted moms of today. It not only provides answers to all parenting questions but also supports a woman in her personal journey.


This app is for women who enjoy reading. Goodreads app offers a social network for readers and enables them to read thousands of book reviews, keep a virtual bookshelf of their collection and build a to-read list.


SHEROES is an app that provides women with everyday growth and empowerment. This app connects women on various communities that interests them and create a circle of support one can depend upon. The app provides women a safe, secure women-only community to talk and exchange views. Women members are also encouraged to write their own growth story and be a part of other women's stories by sharing their experiences.