Beam Suntory India launches Peated Malts of Distinction portfolio

| Updated: Nov 25, 2016 19:55 IST

New Delhi [India], Nov. 25 (ANI): Beam Suntory today announced the launch of Two New Single Malts "Ardmore" and "Bowmore 12 year old" under the Peated Malts of Distinction portfolio in addition to the number one Islay malt, Laphraoig 10 year Old. The launch of these peated malts signifies Beam Suntory's continued commitment to the Indian market and indicates the huge opportunity that Beam Suntory sees for malts in India, where its flagship brand Teacher's is amongst the leading scotch brand in India. Beam Suntory offers an unrivalled collection of single malts under its range of Peated Malts of Distinction, to satisfy an array of consumer's tastes. The Ardmore Legacy, a light, silky peat smoke, balanced with sweet honey and spice. As well as the Bowmore 12 Year Old, a mid-range peated whisky that is perfectly balanced with a smooth, mellow taste of peat, fruit and honey notes. These brands will sit alongside the number one Islay malt, Laphroaig, which is already established in the Indian market. Laphroaig 10 Year Old is the most intensely peated malt whisky in the Peated Malts of Distinction collection, with hints of coconut and banana complimented by a medicinal complex taste. Peated malts are like no other and created by the ancient tradition of drying malting barley over peat fires, which delivers the depth, richness and flavour which stands apart from other Single Malts. Balancing the earthy and smoky flavours of the peat with the sweeter malt liquid is nothing short of an art; therefore not all peated malts are the same and this is also true of the Peated Malts of Distinction collection. Speaking at the launch of Ardmore and Bowmore in India, the spokesperson for Beam Suntory India said, "At Beam Suntory, we have always believed in understanding the needs of consumers and offering brands with highest quality. We are confident that these three premium peated malts, The Ardmore Legacy, Bowmore 12 Year Old and Laphroaig 10 Year Old will stand out for their quality, unique flavour profiles and compelling heritage. India is one of the world's leading Scotch markets, and we expect these incredible brands to become exclusive and aspirational expressions in India." The Ardmore Legacy is a peated single malt whisky shaped by its deep-rooted connection to the land, people and wildlife of its Scottish Highland home. The brand is a recipient of four gold medals from the industry's most prestigious spirits competitions, including the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, Beverage Tasting Institute International Review of Spirits, International Wine & Spirit Competition (IWSC) and ISC 2016 Awards. The Ardmore Legacy 700 ml has been priced at an affordable level within the premium single malts range. From the first single malt distillery on Islay and home to the legendary No.1 Vaults, Bowmore 12 Year Old has a smoky, peaty, subtle lemon and honey nose that encourages Scotch whisky enthusiasts to continue to discover its rich flavour. This carefully crafted expression uses peat cultivated on the same banks it is distilled on, and was awarded the silver medal at ISC 2016. Laphroaig, the world's number one selling Islay whisky and gold medal winner at the ISC 2016 Awards, is famous for its medicinal and punchy flavoured profile, with deep peat smoke-infusion. Scotch enthusiasts will experience the bold, peat smoked taste, followed by a hint of seaweed and sweetness. TASTING NOTES: LAPHROAIG 10 YEAR OLD- Colour: Full sparkling gold, Nose: Huge smoke, seaweedy, "medicinal", with a hint of sweetness, Body: Full bodied, Palate: Surprising sweetness with hints of salt and layers of pettiness, Finish: Lingering. THE ARDMORE LEGACY- Colour: Light golden, Nose: Heather Honey with hints of cinnamon and toffee bonbon. Very subtle hints of peat smoke, Palate: Creamy vanilla spice gives way to more overt smoky charcoal notes, especially with the addition of water. Smoke doesn't dominate and is balanced by the sweet honey and spice flavours, Finish: Full bodied, silky mouth feel with a dry, tangy and lingering aftertaste, coupled with delicious spice notes. BOWMORE 12 YEAR OLD- Colour: Warm amber, Nose: Subtle lemon and honey balanced beautifully by Bowmore's trademark peaty smokiness, Palate Sweet and delicious heather honey and gentle peat smoke, Finish: Savour the long, mellow finish. (ANI)