Benihana will keep you `eatertained` with Japanese roll models

| Updated: Aug 24, 2016 22:41 IST

By Ashish Kumar Singh New Delhi, Aug 23 (ANI): If you always complained about your food not being up to the mark or some flavor missing from your most favourite dish, then Benihana in Delhi is the restaurant you need to place it on your "to do list" ASAP. The reason we are asking you to visit the "heavenly sinful" place is because the Japanese restaurant offers a live kitchen for the foodies where the chef cooks right in front of your table and entertains you with his wits, magic and juggling. Yes, you read it right live kitchen. Founded by late wrestler Rocky Aioki in 1964 in New York City, Benihana has since patented the Teppanyaki style of theatrical Japanese cooking with more than 182 outlets around the world, and it is been more than three years, Benihana has been offering the best Japanese ambience and Teppanyaki Grill experience. Interiors are beautifully done in red and white hues, the chefs are experienced and funny, staff is well-trained and courteous, ambience is lovely, the music is light and the visitors will always be spotted with a big fat smile on their faces. At the heart of the Benihana, is the Teppanyaki table, around which guests gather and enjoy a meal expertly prepared and cooked to perfection on a steel grill, right before their eyes by a chef who is as much entertainer as a culinary master. Now, coming to the food and drinks, one must visit the restaurant to experience the authentic Japanese cuisine and trust us, you won't get disappointed. Benihana features a variety of set menus, with several elements to each course. Kick-starting with the menu, it becomes very clear that you will be getting small portions but before you would even complain, your tummy will already be filled with the delicious Japanese cuisine. The amazingly cooked Sushi is as mouth-watering as they look. The Teppanyaki Chicken with Coriander and Mint, Fish Tempura and Salmon Maki Roll are something you should not miss at all. The starters of course are very light on tummy and yet filling. Talking about the main course, the meal begins with a delicate Japanese onion soup, followed by a salad with ginger dressing. The chef will prepare your chicken, beef or seafood, along with vegetables, hibachi-style on the sizzling grill surface. And mind it, it is going to be one hell of a show, because Benihana chefs literally play with your food as they cook it. Benihana will allow you to rediscover the personalized experience of having your choice of succulent seafood, tender chicken, juicy steaks, and garden-fresh vegetables grilled to delicious perfection in an extraordinary theater that will feed the senses and entertain the appetite. Chefs will keep you entertained by flipping and throwing their knives in the air and juggling their spatula like maestros and cooking in lavish style. The large space of Benihana is divided into several parts. One is a regular a la carte dining area, another one is an "interactive" shared table for the ultimate Teppanyaki experience, another one is an open area providing a cosy space to have a gala time. The lounge area is the perfect setting for a blend of fashion and lifestyle. After you are done with the drinks and the scrumptious meal, you will of course tickle your taste buds with the desserts. Banana Tempura, Ice Cream Tempura with Fresh Cut Fruits and Fried Roll Ice Cream are some innovative and unusual items in the desserts section. If we want to sum up our entire experience of Benihana in one word, it has to be - "eatertainment". So, roll your sleeves up and start binging in to the most authentic Japanese cuisine you will find in the national capital.(ANI)