DRAMA, a resto-bar where everything's 'upside down' except the taste!

| Updated: Aug 23, 2017 11:20 IST

By Pallavi Aman Singh New Delhi [India], Sept 19 (ANI): In the palette of food world, diners get drawn to brightly-hued plats du jour - like golden brown breads, meats jazzed up with leafy greens, rainbow cakes and sauces that add pops of colour to a dish. Keeping the same trend alive, the new kid on the Rajouri Garden block, DRAMA, is here to take you on a sumptuous food journey! Enjoyment of food is about more than how it tastes. Much research suggests that it is in fact our eyes leading the way and our tongues merely follow. If your eyes are the sense most used when you sit down to dinner, then this is your go-to place as DRAMA, doing justice to its name, has got its decor and menu completely dramatized. The brainchild of Dinesh Arora, Akshay Anand and Swaraj Singhi offers plethora of options like Indian, Italian, Lebanese, Chinese, Thai, Spanish and Mexican with a pinch of drama in them. With chefs whipping up dishes like 'I Tikki 7s,' 'Baxaa A la Drama,' 'Jhat Pat Pani Pat,' 'Wrap-chick,' 'Hot Shot Pot,' 'Masachos,' 'Evil Cheese Fingers,' 'Railway Cut Late,' 'Hockey Shockey,' 'Chidi Chikka,' 'Twitter Tangadi,' 'Face the cook,' 'Father Dairy's Makhani Champey,' 'Dhakkan Murg Makkhan,' 'Tijori E Rajouri,' 'Mango Lime Oriental Chicken,' 'Orange Thai Curry' and many more, this place will never fail to delight you. So, if you are up for some quirky, fun and contemporary cuisine with a twist, then step in for delicacies that look like experiments done by some mad scientist. The menu is cleverly designed, with dishes named after popular networking sites, giving the Gen-Yers an adventurous grub time! Chef Nitish Mehra told ANI, "Twitter tangadi is our most unique product, which is blue coloured chicken leg piece. We don't use any colour. We use blue crusher, which is a kind of liquor, but we use the non-alcoholic one. We are serving good and healthy food." Vegan foodies, you need not get upset as the drama doesn't end here. Before Apple launched its Iphone 7, DRAMA already launched 7s in the form of 'I-Tikki 7s,' which is served with digital chutneys that brings food to life. This veggie delight will surely put a big smile on every street food lover's face During a food review, DRAMA took us on a short trip to its flipped world. On the delicious tummy-relishing journey, we met some delicacies like 'I Tikki 7s,' 'Twitter Tangadi,' 'Grilled Pinwheels,' 'Whatsapp Kebab,' 'XXX Prawns,' 'Spit Eggplant Musshakaa,' 'Faadu Fish Fry,' 'Dhakkan Murg Makkan,' 'Tandoori Paan' and 'Berry Ananas Roshogulla.' Though, you won't be getting any dramatized mocktails and cocktails, but you can walk in to get some more drama and action punched into your lives through food and uber cool arrangements. Now coming to its amazing architecture, this topsy-turvy land has the interiors, which might be another home for any zany. With an upside down library, ceiling lamp shades and even Formula 1 racing Car that run backwards on the tracks, DRAMA will surely make anyone fall in love with the idea of seeing things with a bottom-up approach! This place has three floors and a terrace. The first floor, with its rich brick walls, gives a plush lounge experience; second floor gives the private party experience; the third floor, which is dominated by the white colour and has a black board ceiling, will bring out the sweet memories of school life; and the skylight terrace, with its neon paintings, has the ability to win your hearts. Talking about the concept, Arora told ANI, "As the name suggests, DRAMA Upside Down Bar is first ever Upside Down Bar in Delhi and NCR. Two floors have been made as Drama and the rest two are called Mellow Drama that give guests the experience as per their mood." "Rajouri Garden has become the food hub and we want to be different from the other eateries. We have given the whole dramatic feel to the place. In terms of food, ambience and interiors the place offers lot of DRAMA in it," he added. Hopefully, this joint is going to set the standard for new things to come in the capital. So, let the drama unfold. (ANI)