`I took a bill in Pizza`! Check-in at La Piazza for authentic Italian dining

| Updated: Dec 14, 2016 00:57 IST

By Ashish Kumar Singh New Delhi [India], Dec 13 (ANI): I was going to tell you a joke about Pizza, but nevermind it is too "cheesy." Pizza is a serious business and in fact the entire Italian cuisine should be taken very seriously. And, the one who actually does that is upmarket Italian restaurant La Piazza in Hyatt Regency, Delhi. Started in 1994, La Piazza is known for their wood-fired pizzas and lip-smacking pastas. The dedicated Italian restaurant was also one of the first Italian cuisine restaurants with imported Italian products, as well as the first to introduce customers to little known Italian wines then. La Piazza's reputation has been built on great food, equally complimenting wine list, friendly and gracious service and a quest to provide a warm, inviting atmosphere where guests always come first. Located near the lobby of Hyatt Regency, the place is easily accessible for the hungry souls. Dim lights, authentic Italian food, vintage wine and warm hospitality will give you a perfect welcome at La Piazza. The place brings together the flavours of old-world charm perfectly balanced with the chic presentations influenced by the worlds fashion capital - Milan. The menu promises diners a fantastic Rome and Milanese food and wine journey while in New Delhi. The fine dining restaurant is one of the few places who do not serve any other cuisines and are whole-heartedly focused in serving the extensively and pure Italian cuisine. AMBIENCE/SERVICE Since La Piazza is a luxury dining, you will love the dark ambience the restaurant comes with. As mentioned previously, the dim lights and warm hospitality will give you a relaxed feeling. It is city's one of the first Italian trattoria style dining restaurant at Hyatt Regency Delhi and it also completes its 22 years of their service this year. The restaurant is spacious and interestingly comes with an open kitchen where you can easily make endless conversations with the chef about Italian food and culture. The staff is educated, polite, courteous, well-dressed and most importantly take their job seriously. Throw them a question about anything from A la carte and boy, their confidence will shock you. Chefs are friendly and count yourself in the lucky ones if you manage to dig out the secret ingredients. Also, feel free to use the Wi-fi. FOOD Film-maker George Miller once said- "The trouble with eating Italian food is that five or six days later you're hungry again." Well, the above statement is 100 percent true. Their menu is extensive and authentic. La Piazza has been the winner of the most prestigious food awards in the country, including the Times Food Award since 2006. Flowing champagne, sparkling wine, cocktails and mocktails, pastas and pizzas to kill for, grills and mains to make you drool, and so much more that only makes your appetite increase by manifolds just by its mention. Potato Salad, Stuffed Bell Peppers with cous cous, Chicken Roulade, Beetroot Apple salad, Smoked Salmon, Prawn Fennel Salad, Chicken Sausage Salad, Chicken Pie,Tenderloin carpaccio, cold cuts, an array of different kinds of cheese, a bread basket with the choicest breads are few of the choices you can kickstart your La Piazza experience. The concept of mains at La Piazza is 'from pan to table'. Lovely tortellini stuffed with chicken in a butter sauce is a must try. Let's of course not forget their wood-fired Pizzas and Pastas for which they are known for. If you have little space left in your tummy then you should also order Risotto. A complete meal in itself, if nicely made, a risotto can quickly elevate your mood! The creamy risotto with a dollop of fresh burrata will be a delight for your taste buds. However, the food can take as long as 10-15 minutes to reach your table. Hyatt hotel has a range of over 120 wines across all restaurants but mostly Italian ones are found in La Piazza. Coming to serve your sweet tooth now, Souffle' di cioccolato con gelato alla banana e salsa al caramello (Chocolate fondant with banana ice cream and caramel sauce), astigiano, vanilla al bourbon, briciole di amaretti (Bonet, bourbon vanilla dip, crashed amaretti), Mousse al cioccolato al latte e nero, meringa italiana, can easily be termed as "heavenly sinful." LA PAROLA FINALE The 4/5 Star luxury dining will cost you Rs. 4,500 for two people (approx.). VAT and service charges extra. La Piazza is one of the very few interesting Italian restaurants that are dedicated to serve you the authentic Italian cuisine and take you through the indelible culinary journey. Money can buy you happiness and it is called Pizza. (ANI)