Myth busters on lace!

| Updated: Jan 22, 2017 20:44 IST

New Delhi [India], Jan. 22 (ANI): The world of fashion is a progressive one, however, every woman dreams to own her share of timeless charms. For all those vintage yearning, classic wearing, women this is your go-to material - Lace. The softness, intricacy and its presence in every fashion eras, makes lace a fabric that is everlasting. Lace has, however, evolved its fair share from being synonymous to inner wear or high maintenance. Be rest assured that these are mere myths! According to Sujit Kumar Mohanty, the brand head at Intrika, the truth is that these old-school lacey perceptions are only limiting you and your closets, from all that vintage glory. It's time to shake off these ancient misconceptions and demystify some of the most common lace fashion myths. Myth 1: Lace is just for lingerie and gowns Most women assume that lace should be worn only in the form of lingerie or vintage gowns. This outdated notion can restrain the growth of your wardrobe. Embrace a new attitude,shift to lace in daily dresses, sarees and beach cover ups to ooze of femininity. Myth 2: Lace is high maintenance The intricacy of lace makes it a delicate material, however calling it high maintenance is a complete exaggeration! Undoubtedly, Chantilly's French laces are durable which enables you to flaunt your outfit without being cautious. You need to take care of it as much as you take care of your branded bags or shoes, keeping it in a dust bag. Myth 3: Lace is not always sheer The most common misapprehension is the see through feature of the lace wear. Here at Intrika laces are embellished with beautiful fabric that enhance your attire and does away with the transparent aspect. The intricate patterns and artistic designs draws one's attention toward the outfits uniqueness and highlights your personality. Significantly, lace adds that perfect edge to your dress which just enhances your glamorous side. Myth 4: Indian outfits are Heavy Intrika with its line of luxurious apparels is busting the myth of Indian outfits being flashy and heavy. In fact they believe in fashion being more accessible to women. It tries to incorporate comfort with fashion which makes one look classy. These apparels do away with your quest of bagging a splendid look and consequently create a majestic appeal. (ANI)