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Inkinn Studio launches Delhi's first tattoo academy amid COVID-19

ANI | Updated: Apr 02, 2021 19:22 IST

New Delhi [India], April 2 (ANI): Like many other jobs that require person-to-person touch, the tattoo industry too was basically shut down during the nationwide coronavirus-induced lockdown. The impact of the lockdown and the nature of the pandemic were such that that the experience of getting a tattoo might have changed forever.
The Indian tattoo industry is one that generates more than Rs 20,000 crore each year, even though it is such a money-maker, the industry is fragmented as there is no organised structure or format in which this art form is taught unlike photography, dancing, singing, etc.
Conceptualised to help aspiring artists and professionals pursue a career in the body art industry during these tough COVID times, Inkinn Studio launched Delhi's first tattoo academy.
Inkinn Studio, a Delhi-based premier tattoo studio launched this academy as a testimony for the art form in hopes to lessen the struggle of aspiring artists, especially amid this ongoing pandemic when each sector has taken a hard financial hit.
Talking about the impact that COVID has had on the Indian tattoo market, Max, Founder and Lead Tattoo Artist of Inkinn Tattoo Studio said, "So Covid has had an impact on everything, but I would say that it has had a positive impact on the tattoo market in the long run, because now people are more open towards doing jobs which unconventional like dancing or singing. Similarly, tattooing as a career option has also picked up, as it gives an individual the liberty to travel anywhere and work around the globe. Basically, people are now more inclined towards learning the art and even getting it done."
"I remember when I started out 10 years back, people used to come and ask us to show the designs from our booklets, but as the newer generation of tattoo artists came forward, we didn't want to give a set booklet to our clients, rather we wanted to do some customised work for them so that each tattoo could be different than other. Now post covid since people have more clarity as to why they want a tattoo or what they want, it has made our job more interesting because now there are different ideas, concepts, stories behind it. So, I would say that it has been much more interesting post COVID," he added.
He then spoke about how and what led him to open an academy for aspiring tattoo artists, "Since we have been running our studio for more than a decade now, we get lots of queries from people who want to learn the art. During the lockdown when everyone was sitting at home, they wanted a way out where they could learn something other than their normal 9-5 jobs."

He added, "So, we got a lot of queries at that time too, and since there is no proper academy in India where you can learn all forms of tattoo art, we started taking enrollments for this and we had a lot of interaction with people at that time. I went on Insta Live and asked people questions regarding what they wanted to see and learn. Then we designed our program based on that information and even got a lot of queries for this, but we have to be very picky as to whom we are training, because after all its an art, hence training anyone would not be beneficial because they have to have some background about the art-form or some understanding of it."
Max also spoke about the precautions and measures that they have put in place to ensure the safety of people.
He said, "When it comes to tattoos, we have always been very careful because you are dealing with the skin, so the hygiene and basic medical training regarding this are part of the tattoo training program and they were there even before. Now due to COVID, we are taking even extra precautions and following the issued guidelines by monitoring everything accordingly. Basically, when it comes to tattoo whether COVID or not, it has to be clean and sterilised, so when we do the tattoo that area is disinfected first and we always use gloves and masks while doing it, which was there even before COVID."
He continued to speak about the specific trends that have emerged due to COVID and said, "Since surviving, a pandemic is a big thing, hence this survival part of being through it, has been one big trend among people who are getting tattoos."
He added, "They want to remember that they survived and overcame it, so people now want this message in some form, either text, quote, or some picture depicting this feeling. The second thing which trended most was the self-awareness thing and the self-healing process. People were more introspecting themselves and they wanted to remember this how it all changed their life."
The Inkinn Studio academy offers 4 programmes for beginners, intermediates, advanced, and apprenticeship, with the course duration of one year, 6 months, 3 months, and 45 days respectively.
The courses and services introduced at the new facility are envisioned to imparting experiential training on the key aspects including tattoo training. The modules will focus on domain competency, client handling, medical insights, tattoo technology and equipment, studio management, and digital platform of art and drawing.
Other than the hands-on exposure participants will get through regular practical assignments, they will also be required to do an industry project which would involve working on an actual industry case study.
Since 2011, Inkinn - Tattoo Studio has been the best tattoo studio in Delhi, with something new and contemporary every time for tattoo enthusiasts. With their deep understanding of the art of intricate inking, the studio proudly showcases several designs and styles that traverse through a large collection of arty black and grey and colourful tattoos. (ANI)