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Mother's Day 2021: Try these last-minute DIY gift ideas for your mom

ANI | Updated: May 08, 2021 11:13 IST

New Delhi [India], May 8 (ANI): Mother's Day - a special occasion to celebrate the indomitable spirit of mothers - is just around the corner and many of you might be planning to pamper them with gifts this Sunday.
Selecting the perfect gift can be tough, and even more so now as going to markets is not a good option following the surge in coronavirus cases.
But don't worry, we have got you just the right fixes with some last-minute DIY (Do It Yourself) gift ideas. So, flex your creative skills to make your 'self-customised' gifts.
You can do wonders with ordinary stationery items using the methods mentioned below:
1. Customised wall art

Mothers just love decorating and beautifying the house and an item like wall art is, therefore, a good gifting option. All you need to do is take out some pictures from an old album and with your own creativity arrange them in a hierarchical order. This gift will surely bring some beautiful flashbacks of precious memories with your family.
2. Customised cushion

A soft and cosy cushion is what every mother needs to lean on after a tough day. Gift this customised cushion to your mom to make her think of you every time she takes a nap. For preparing the same, you would require a white cushion cloth, on which you have to place a self-created cut-out of any pattern of your choice. Paint the cloth unevenly with fabric paints. After that, remove the pattern, and see the magical transformation. Dry it to avoid any kind of a mess.
3. DIY face mask

Face masks have become a necessity nowadays due to COVID-19. However, people especially females are looking out for fashionable masks to match their dress if they step out. So, creating a fashionable DIY mask for your mother will be a good idea for her special day. A fashionable mask can a bit expensive but with DIY, you can get them at a much cheaper price. Take a white or patterned cloth (if you want to sew your own) or take an unembellished readymade mask; add bling to the ordinary masks with the help of fabric paints and some shiny beads.
4. DIY Phone case

A leaf pattern is one of the most trendings and sought after looks for phone cases. To create it, take a complementary shade of the size of your phone. Now take other coloured sheets of which you want the leaves to be. Cut different patterned leaves from the sheets and paste them on the complementary shade sheet. With the help of a Fevi stick, paste your craft on the hollow side of the cover. (For more detailing, paste original dried leaves. You can colour them if you want your case to be colourful.
4. DIY Apron

Aprons are part of a mother's everyday uniform. So, you should really consider a new one for her this mother's day. It will be a good gift to help your mother keep her clothes clean throughout the day.
5. Customised calendars

Calendars are one of the most important tools for a mother! She needs them every time to create schedules especially to remind us of our important tasks we ask her to do. So, create a creative desk calendar gift display your favourite photos in a fun, creative way. Polish the craft with paints and other beautiful items. To make it more special, you can add a few of the pictures from your family album or your phone gallery from each month of the year. (ANI)