Want to dress sexily in office? Do it!, You'll look more intelligent, faithful

| Updated: Mar 29, 2017 17:53 IST

London [UK], Mar. 29 (ANI): Ladies, do not hesitate to put on your sexy, body hugging clothes to office any more. A study says, wearing short skirts, tight-fitting dress or low-cut tops to office will not only make you look better, slimmer and attractive, but will make you look more intelligent and faithful. According to researchers, wearing a short skirt, tight-fitting dress or low-cut top could mean you get taken more seriously. Dr Alfredo Gaitan from the University of Bedfordshire in Lunton, UK, gathered 64 students with an average age of 21 and showed them two sets of images of the same woman. In the first, she wore a low-cut top, a mini skirt and a jacket, whereas in the other picture, she wore a longer skirt and a top that covered more of her skin. The participants were then asked to rank her in terms of faithfulness, job status, morality, personality, willingness to have sex and intelligence, reports the Independent. Contrary to previous studies which claim revealing clothing makes women appear less intelligent, the results found that it was the 'sexualised' clothing which resulted in higher intelligence and faithfulness ratings. There was no significant change in the other factors based on what the woman was wearing. "Attitudes have changed so much that people are not making negative judgments based on a woman's dress?" Gaitan said. "We think there are still negative attitudes out there, but perhaps people are seeing the sexy look more positively." (ANI)