Cyclone Ockhi: Keeping health risks at bay

ANI | Updated: Dec 06, 2017 19:11 IST

New Delhi [India], Dec 6 (ANI): Cyclone Ockhi hit the coasts of Tamil Nadu and Kerala on November 30, and as of Tuesday, the storm had killed 39 Indians.

In the current situation, the threat of water-borne diseases is rising. Hence, being aware of the necessary precautions to be taken is vital.

Nutritionist Dr Niti Desai listed down some of precautions that parents can take to keep their children's health safe from the deadly attack of viruses.

1. Water - Ensuring a supply of clean water is important in reducing the risk of outbreak of water-borne diseases. Double check the glass of water you give your child, by ensuring that it is clean, purified or boiled enough to make it germ free.

2. Wash hands before eating - One of the basic yet the most important thing to remember is to have clean hands before eating. Children often tend to forget to wash hands but mothers should make sure that the hands are clean.

3. Nutrition - Nutrition is the most important factor in maintaining one's health. It is highly important to have a proper diet to ensure the body is fit enough to fight infections. Give a balanced diet to your children full of immune boosting foods such as fruits, vegetables and nuts.

Make sure your children consume protein-rich foods. If your child is a fussy eater and you are concerned about their diet, and then consider an immunity boosting supplement will be an ideal option. This ensures that your child's immunity is strong to counter these environmental triggers.

4. Do not eat raw uncooked foods - Refrain from giving raw uncooked food from eateries where you are not sure about the hygiene, to your child. Avoid salads, chutneys, juices and ice cubes at such places.

5. Consult doctor early - Seek medical aid if your children is vomiting, having diarrhea or fever. Do not expose children to flood water if they have an open wound.

6. Dancing in the rain - Make sure your child takes a proper shower, if he/she has come in contact with flood water.

These simple steps can help minimize the damage of the angry cyclone, but most importantly focus on strengthening your child's immunity by giving her/him nutrient-rich food and immunity boosting supplements, so she/he is strong enough to ward off environmental changes that trigger health risks. (ANI)