Excuses children give to stay indoors

ANI | Updated: Mar 31, 2018 18:18 IST

London [United Kingdom] Mar 31 (ANI): With the advent of technology and advanced gadgets, kids have forgotten what a playground looks like. They are mostly seen glued to their play stations or television all the time.

A survey of British parents has found that wet weather and fears about getting muddy are among excuses children use to avoid playing outdoors, reported The Independent.

It also found one in 10 frequently bribe their kids to convince them to leave their devices behind and play outdoors, while 45 percent have had to get persuasive with their children at some time or another in the past in order to get them out of the house for a runaround.

Psychologist and spokesperson for Little Tikes which conducted the poll said, "It's important for parents to help nurture an interest in the outdoors in their children to grow and flourish."

Outdoor play can lead to great opportunities for learning and discovery, as well as being a fun family bonding experience.

Almost a third said their offspring have confessed they don't know how to occupy themselves when they play outdoors and find themselves getting bored without direction, while 11 percent have told their parents they are too scared to go outside at one time or another.

Playing on the trampoline, exploring woods or forests, going on a picnic, walking the dog, climbing trees and camping are a few examples of activities you can urge your child to do. (ANI)