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Swallowing button batteries can damage stomach lining in kids

ANI | Updated: May 19, 2019 15:08 IST

Washington DC [USA], May 19 (ANI): Swallowing the button battery could damage the lining of the stomach in children. Therefore, researchers suggested going for endoscopic removal even if the child shows no symptoms or the battery has passed safely through the esophagus.
According to the study presented at the meeting of Digestive Disease Week, there is a need for change in the current practice of watching and waiting.
"We know there can be injured even when there are no symptoms. Batteries in the stomach cause damage, including perforation of the gastric wall, so physicians should consider removing the batteries as soon as possible and not let them pass through the digestive tract," said the lead researcher of the study, Racha Khalaf.
"We have been seeing more injuries from button batteries. The batteries come in toys, remote controls, key fobs, singing greeting cards and watches. They are everywhere," Dr Khalaf added.
Erosive injuries to the mucous lining of the stomach were found in 60 per cent of cases reviewed, with no apparent relationship between damage and symptoms, or with the amount of time passed since ingestion.
This suggested that clinicians and parents should not wait for symptoms or passage of time to act. Removing the battery earlier avoids repeated trips to the emergency room or paediatrician's office and reduces repetitive x-rays or other imaging.
The researcher recommended observation when it's been less than two hours since the ingestion. (ANI)