Huge shout out to all the single-dad's out there!
Huge shout out to all the single-dad's out there!

Wearing single dad's hat with hope and smile!

By A K Arathy | Updated: Jun 20, 2020 22:28 IST

New Delhi [India], June 20 (ANI): They ended up being single parents due to personal tragedies and are making efforts to fit into the new and demanding role to bring up their children on their own. They are doing it with determination and a positive spirit to raise the children in the best way possible.
These fathers, who lost their spouses, juggle between work schedule and home chores and have learnt some tasks they never thought they will need to do in their lives.
From figuring how to tie the young girl's ribbon to making a full-fledged meal, single dads have made attempts to understand the motherly side of parenting.
S N Singh, a Delhi resident who lost his wife two years ago and is now a single father to five children, does not consider himself to be a superhero though some neighbours dub him so. He believes that taking responsibility of children naturally comes the moment you become a parent, be it single or not.
"Just because I am the dual-parent to my kids, I'm not a super-hero. Even before my wife's demise, kids were our responsibility. I will take care of my kids with the same affection, and warmth just like before," Singh told ANI.
A government employee, Singh has kept his priority list straight and on top of it is children's education.
"My children's education is my priority. There come difficulties, not to deny that, especially when you are working and also run a household. But there is no sacrifice with their education," he told ANI.
"I try my best not to bog down kids with domestic work, as I want them to completely focus on their studies and themselves. If my kids turn out to be well-settled individuals, I will believe I have done the role of single parenting well," he added.
Singh says it is best to keep financial and personal matters transparent with children as it helps in bringing about greater harmony.
Another single father, who resides in Kerala and does not wish to be identified, said he tries to be more "friendly" attitude with his child since the demise of his spouse a few years back.
"I talk to him as a friend, maybe that's my way to not let him feel the void. I do not force him for anything. I will convince him about what is right and wrong. Rest he is also a grown-up individual, he can decide for himself," the businessman said.
Subi Kumari, a 23-year-old writer, has nothing but all words of admiration for her father, who, she says, is an "optimist and the strongest person" she knows.
She and her younger brother seek to give "happy memories" to their father for the effort he makes to see that they are "raised well".
"I write more, get more books published, travel more, and score well after my mother's demise just to give him happy memories," she said.
Kumari noted that she is no more just a daughter to her father and he shares even his complaints with her.
"My dad treats me like he treated my mom. Calls me a hundred times during my periods to check if I am doing fine. He suggests I talk to my grandmother if I need help. He would call grandma and ask her to check on me. That is what he used to do with mom," she explained.
Father's Day will be observed on June 21 this year. It is dedicated to all the fatherly figures who shower tireless affection and care towards their kids.
While single dads are redefining their role in accordance with the demands of time including the COVID-induced challenges, the biggest gift children can give them perhaps is a smile. (ANI)