Fourth of july fireworks in Washington DC
Fourth of july fireworks in Washington DC

America to spend more on Independence Day fireworks

ANI | Updated: Jul 03, 2018 16:58 IST

Washington DC, [USA">USA] July 03 (ANI): The US government on its Independence Day on July 04 is going to spend more on fireworks as compared to last year.
According to TMZ, the government is spending more this year is going to spend around $30000 more than, but the exact amount has not been revealed as of yet.
Around $240,000 (Rs 1.6 crore) was spent on fireworks last year.
For 18 long minutes, the fireworks will continue to dazzle and entertain the crowd who are going to witness the spectacle.
$77000 (around Rs 52 lakh) will be spent on fencing the area from where the fireworks would be launched, while another $13000 (Around Rs 8 lakh) will be spent for emergency services, including fire trucks.
It is considered one of America's biggest events, where performances by The Beach Boys, The Temptations and others are set to enthral the audience.
In 1777, USA">USA celebrated its first Independence Day, where fireworks were used as part of the celebrations.
Fireworks were used to celebrate George Washington's inauguration as the first President of USA">USA on April 30, 1789. (ANI)