Bridging gaps in sexual health and wellness market in India

ANI | Updated: Feb 14, 2018 13:15 IST

New Delhi [India], Feb. 14 (ANI): It is not a secret that buying intimate products in India is extremely difficult. Local pharmacies lack discreetness and variety.

Myths and lack of information about intimate products prevent first time users from buying the products.

On the occasion of Valentine's Day, an adult website store - LoveTreats' - has brought a concept to bring ease and leave behind the offensiveness and tackiness that usually tag along with sexual wellness products in India.

Divya Chauhan, India's first woman entrepreneur to start an online portal for adult sex products, said, "It is e-commerce with a twist, where the 'e' also stands for erotic, in addition to electronic. And it is not a market with a predictable clientele. Ironically, 40 percent of my buyers are women".

Some growth drivers for Indian sexual wellness market are:

- E-commerce boom and adaptation in India (USD 38 Billion market with 41 million users in 2016)

- Increasing product awareness due to Western media & pop culture

- Increasing sales of sexual wellness products from women (+ 75 percent in 2014)

- Increasing sales of sexual wellness products from tier 2 & 3 cities

Ute Weimer, co-founder of LoveTreats', said, "We don't have nude or obscene images on our site and we stay away from products that objectify women or push people outside their comfort zone".

Ute further noted that many people don't even know products like lubes, games for couples, accessories or toys exist.

Ute along with co-founder, Bala, found that people were curious and interested to try out new things. The website offers online courses, pop-up stores, events, chat functionality, and a WhatsApp group to help its customers learn more about the products. (ANI)