Celebrating the spirit of riding with women riders

| Updated: Aug 23, 2017 11:20 IST

New Delhi [India], June 23 (ANI): To celebrate the growing passion of motorcycling amongst women, Royal Enfield conducted a workshop led by women in association with DRER (Delhi Royal Enfield Riders) at the company's brand store in Khan Market here. The workshop witnessed participation by over 30 women motorcyclists and enthusiasts who narrated their experience of riding on Royal Enfield motorcycles. The focus of the workshop was also to encouraging more women to follow their passion for motorcycling, thereby offering them testimonials from experienced as well as amateur women riders. The event was a precursor to Royal Enfield's second edition of the Himalayan Odyssey - Women, which will be held from July 6 to July 23. Speaking to the women riders at Royal Enfield's flagship gear store at Khan Market, Rudratej Singh - President Royal Enfield said "The number of women riding Royal Enfield motorcycles is on the upswing. It is delightful to see women breaking social barriers, overcoming the gender stereotypes and blazing a trail across terrains all over the country on their Royal Enfield." Adding, "The obstacles that are sometimes thrown at women on the road - and in our society - and the ceiling created around them need to be smashed and each woman rider on a Royal Enfield is sending this larger message out there. Our type of motorcycling epitomizes simplicity, authenticity and its pure pleasures and that's how we want every woman to feel while riding a Royal Enfield. Our end objective, even this year is to see if we can create one Himalayan Odyssey and not have a separate one for women so that there is a level playing field for women motorcyclists" Himalayan Odyssey is considered one of the most gratifying motorcycle journeys in the world from Delhi to Khardung-La - the highest motorable road in the world at 18300 feet above sea level. For the 14th edition of Himalayan Odyssey this year, Royal Enfield is taking 50 participants on the Himalayan Odyssey and 20 women participants on the Himalayan Odyssey-Women. One of the biggest motorcycle ride of its kind in the world, Himalayan Odyssey will see participants traversing through some of the roughest terrains and highest mountain passes in the world covering a distance of close to 2200 kilometres in 18 days on their Enfield motorcycles. The Himalayas have been the mecca for motorcyclists and the Royal Enfield Himalayan Odyssey has been their chosen journey to ride through the mighty mountains. Year on year Royal Enfield riders gather at Delhi to thump all the way to Khardung-La to experience one of the most memorable motorcycling journeys in the world. The ride will witness camaraderie of fans and participants flagging off on Saturday, July 8, 2017 from India Gate in New Delhi. Both contingents - HO and HO-W will be flagged off from Delhi together and will ride on different routes before finally converging at Leh. What is interesting to see is the camaraderie amongst riders from different corners of India and the world that grows stronger with every passing day. During the ride, the weather would shift remarkably, from scorching hot to icy cold as riders will make their way to the picturesque regions of the Himalayas, which house within themselves one of the most hostile environments for motorcycling including Narkanda, Sarchu, Jispa and Leh, all the way to Khardung-La. Each turn exposes the riders to a new landscape like no other, eventually getting them surrounded by the overwhelming beauty of the great Himalayan peaks. The period between the months of May and August is the ideal time when hundreds of Royal Enfield motorcyclists ride up to the Himalayas. The HO is an opportunity for passionate men and women who seek to look beyond the obvious and venture into the unchartered territories of one of the most challenging terrains in the world. A journey of self-discovery for many, the Himalayan Odyssey has given birth to inspiring stories that become a part of motorcycling folklore. At a time when our lives have come to be defined by our professional selves, Himalayan Odyssey appeals to the free spirited motorcycle rider in oneself and quintessential seeker of life beyond concrete jungles. The ride emphasizes on harmony with the terrain while at the same time encouraging one to overcome their personal barriers and realize the potential that lies within them. Over the past 15-20 years, scores of riders have had the pleasure of riding their Royal Enfield motorcycles through the picturesque landscape of Ladakh to Leh and then beyond to Khardung La. (ANI)