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Do useless facts learned at work stick with you forever?

ANI | Updated: Aug 27, 2018 13:52 IST

New Delhi [India], Aug 27 (ANI): People usually spend a great amount of time working at their offices and during the day they also obtain some useless information, apart from the useful one. As memory does not 'decay', people tend to memorize all of it.
Whether it is how to get furniture into rooms, or how to tell the difference between male and female fish, people have retained a whole variety of random information because of the jobs they have held.
Twitter users shared their experiences about the same.
A user wrote, "what absolutely embarrassing dumb crap lives inside your head because of your current or old day job(s)? mine include recipes for toffee, weird serial codes for air conditioners, how to break down a shooting script, and the basic principles of how to make dialysis water."

Another user wrote, "i've retained the muscle memory to inflate, tie off, and attach a ribbon to 4-6 balloons a minute."

Talking about the sex of the fish, a user wrote, "worked at a pet supplies store that sold fish. of course, a lot of people wanted to know the sex of the fish they were buying. i now have a whole lot of fish dick knowledge that i will never need again."

"It's been twenty years since I was a pool lifeguard but I can still instantly distinguish distant thunder from any number of other faint low pitched rumbles," tweeted another user.

Hope you remember the important stuff! (ANI)