Fans give 'farting' tips to Cardi B

ANI | Updated: Mar 29, 2018 15:07 IST

New Delhi [India.], Mar. 29 (ANI): In a hilarious ordeal, Cardi B fans are coming up with interesting ways to fart in public without facing humiliation.

The discussion broke out when the American rapper tweeted her dilemma of holding her fart in because of being surrounded with people.

She tweeted, "I wanna fart bit I'm around so many people in a small room????".

Since then her fans are trying to one up each other and suggest innovative ways as to how to tackle the 'smelly situation' without alerting people around.

A fan wrote, "Let out little bits at a time and don't move".

Speaking on the same, another fan gave his two cents and wrote, "Bad call with the don't move part. Then it's just gonna hover by you. Let it out and move in a zig zag pattern to get away from it. Can easily be blamed on someone else then with no concrete tie back to the original owner".

Another fan shared a personal experience and wrote, "I hate when that happens ?????? then i have to play it off like "did y'all hear that noise? What was that?" ??".

Another fan, a pleasure coach, wrote, "Find a corner and let it go..."

Another fan wrote, "Fart and tell them to sell it on Ebay, you famous girl."

"Let it out slow with a straight face and watch everyone's reaction as it hits them ??", wrote another fan.