Vohn Lewis hugging his student (Image Courtesy: Facebook- Bradley Cook Kopelove)
Vohn Lewis hugging his student (Image Courtesy: Facebook- Bradley Cook Kopelove)

Here's why this Virginia school teacher gave his shoes to a student

ANI | Updated: Jun 18, 2019 13:21 IST

Washington D.C. [USA], June 18 (ANI): In a heart-warming gesture, a school teacher in Virginia gave off his shoes to one of his fifth grade graduating student whose shoes came apart as he was walking to the stage.
As per the report by local media station WTVR 6, which was cited by the New York Post, the boy was graduating from George Mason Elementary, Mason.
After the boy's shoes busted, the kid along with his mom was sent to the art teacher of the school.
"Our guidance counselor brought the student and his mom to me and said, 'Help, we need any supplies that you have,'" said Bradley Kopelove, an art teacher at the school.
After they looked for in the supplies and were unable to find anything suitable for the boy, Vohn Lewis, a teacher stepped out of his shoes and gave it to the boy. Much to his joy, the shoes were of the boy's size.

Lewis explained the situation and said, "Me being me, sometimes my heart leads me to certain situations. I said, 'You can wear my shoe man, I wear a size 10.' It's really just something that I'd do any day for any child."
He also added that it is his passion to help every student in looking their best as they walk through the halls of the school.
"If I see a child with a shoe untied or a collar messed up. I can't sit there and let him walk by or walk by. I'll definitely walk up to them and let them know, and that's just me," he added.
The art teacher Kopelove shared the lovely pictures of the teacher giving off his shoes on Facebook.
After giving his shoes to the graduating boy, Lewis asked him for a little favour and said, "I told him that he had to make a promise to me because it was nothing for me to do something like that for him. But he has to keep in mind that one day he's going to be in the position of Mr. Lewis and he has to do the same thing." (ANI)