PreachersNSneakers Instagram screenshot
PreachersNSneakers Instagram screenshot

Instagram page dedicated to preachers' expensive designer shoes

ANI | Updated: Jun 15, 2019 04:47 IST

Washington [US], June 15 (ANI): A 29-year-old man started an Instagram account in March, which features famous celebrity church leaders' obsession with expensive shoes.
The page titled PreachersNSneakers has 174k followers, with a description reading: 'The Lord works in mysterious colourways'.
Tyler shares photographs of the megachurch figures with screenshots of the shoes they wear and the price tags of those shoes.
He had called out on many famous preachers including Zoe Church in Los Angeles, Erwin McManus, Julia Veach sporting various upscale brands like Gucci and Adidas Yezzy.
He also started commenting on luxurious clothing and accessories the pastors owned. He receives a great response.
"I've been really into buying and reselling sneakers for the past few years," Tyler said. "On the other side, I'm an evangelical Christian and am pretty ingrained in that culture. One Sunday I was looking for a song I really like by Elevation Worship and I realized the lead singer was wearing a pair of Yeezy 750s. They're pretty rare, they resell for 800 bucks or so. I thought I knew about church-type salaries -- my wife works for a church -- and so I was like, 'This does not compute. How is this guy wearing these kicks?" Bored panda quoted Tyler as saying.
Tyler had researched about the shoes and pastors' connection following which then made a video for personal Instagram. After seeing people's response, he made a new Instagram page.
"It's prompting a discussion around what leadership and stewardship look like within the church.'"I also have this whole other component of the secular, questioning or atheist community that are messaging me like, 'Dude, this is hilarious. It's crazy the money that these preachers make.'" he added.
He said that he is unaware whether these accessories and sneakers were gifts or not. However, he questioned as to why pastor a pair of boots that probably the majority of your congregation could never afford.
All I know is that you're on the 'gram wearing a $2,000 pair of boots. I can't reconcile it. I can't think of a meaningful explanation as to why you would feel 100% okay with wearing a pair of boots that probably the majority of your congregation could never afford. I am just here to say 'Whoa, homie's wearing $800 track pants.' Y'all do with that what you want, you know?"
Many pastors have commented and have defended themselves.
Chad Veach, a lead pastor of the Zoe Church in Los Angeles (and who has over a quarter of a million followers on Instagram), commented on a PreachersNSneakers post that featured him, and tried to defend himself. (ANI)