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Is it good for an elderly couple to have sex?

ANI | Updated: Jul 31, 2022 14:57 IST

New Delhi [India], July 31 (ANI): Does good sex have anything to do with age, this question still remains in society.
But an elderly newlywed American couple broke this barrier in every sort of way and proved that there's no such thing as being too old for good sex.
Cynthia Kase, the 70-year-old bride, and James Clark, the 69-year-old groom, now spend hours together in the bedroom having sex, often twice a day, Business Insider reported.
The two met on a dating app about a year and a half ago. The couple said that they have been having the best sex of their lives.
Kase and Clark appeared in a podcast called 'Dr Sex Fairy' by Kanwal Bawa, DO (doctor of osteopathic medicine), a cosmetic surgeon who performs sexual wellness procedures.
During the podcast, Bawa said that Kase sought an O-shot treatment from her which helps rebuild vaginal tissue and enhances clitoral sensitivity. However, there's no solid research on its effectiveness.
"I know that Jim's going to satisfy me. Jim's always in the mood... Sometimes the only reason we stop is because we can't move anymore," Kase said.
Clark had issues with having an erection like several men of his age and he too went for the male counterpart of that treatment a few months after meeting his wife.
"They had libido, but they didn't have the function to go with it," Bawa said during the podcast, Insider reported.

"It's the most satisfying sex of my life," said Kase, a widowed mother of one in Boca Raton. Notably, Clark also agreed with her statement.
The couple says having a bedroom on a separate floor is a key to having good sex as they share Kase's 4,400-square foot home with her adult son.
"She's vocal. I wouldn't want anyone standing outside the door," said Clark.
Kase said that if both partners are up for it physically and mentally then "there's no reason not to enjoy sex when you're old."
"There's maybe a little bit of jealousy," she said adding that their sex life might leave some friends dumbfounded.
"I just feel like sex is a gift from God and it would be a waste not to enjoy it," Clark said.
Clark, who used to be a pro poker player in Las Vegas, went to meet Kase, who used to design financial trading software, in Florida for a three-day visit.
However, their meeting ended up being a six-day sex marathon, including one five-hour session.
Clark has an adult daughter and has been divorced for 10 years. He shifted to Kase's town and dated her for nine months before the two got married, as per Insider.
Clark now lives with Kase and her 38-year-old son, Danny. (ANI)