Justin Trudeau's 'Bhangra' takes Twitter by storm

ANI | Updated: Feb 23, 2018 20:13 IST

New Delhi [India], Feb 23 (ANI): Visiting Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau lit up the internet on Thursday when he showed-off some of his Bhangra skills at an event at the Canada House here on Thursday.

After his visits to Agra, Amritsar, Mumbai and Ahmedabad, the Prime Minister was attending an event with his wife Sophie in the national capital and didn't hold back, dancing to dhol beats.

Dressed in traditional Indian attire, Trudeau's moves sent the twitteratti in a frenzy, although not for all the right reasons.

His love for Bhangra is no secret, and some people were really impressed with his display of the traditional Punjabi dance form. Some users really appreciated his love for the dance and were wowed by his spirited display.

One user claimed Trudeau's 'Bhangra' was better than his.

"Never been a big fan of Trudeau, but credits where credits due. He's got some moves and isn't afraid to show them. Very sweet," one user tweeted.

While there were a lot of admirers of the Canadian PM's sporting gesture, there were others as well who literally tore into the apparently desperate act to try and salvage an already controversial and to some even embarrassing trip to India.

"It's time for the PM to stop being an international embarrassment and act like a world leader or come home. This is getting ridiculous," tweeted a rather upset user.

Another tweet claimed him to be a 'grandstanding clown'.

Though his Bhangra skills remain debateable, his eight-day state visit to India has been marred with controversies.

From the apparent snub by Prime Minister Modi at the airport, to the excessively colourful wardrobe statements, the invitation of Jaspal Atwal to a dinner and the trolling on the internet for his display of Bhangra, it's turning out to be quite an eventful visit. (ANI)