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Know what kind of a liar you are

By Arushi Jaiswal | Updated: May 18, 2022 15:27 IST

New Delhi [India], May 18 (ANI): Life is often about truths and lies. Most of us have told a lie at one time or another. But have you ever thought that your seemingly small lie can hurt someone's emotions and cause an irreparable damage on someone's mental health? A lie can destroy a healthy relationship and end up hurting the person as you break their trust.
A lie can not only destroy a growing or healthy relationship but can leave the victim feeling wretched with their trust, generally on others and specifically on the liar, broken beyond repair. However, if you are able to understand the psychology of the liar, the pain and the damage on your mental health could become mitigated.

Have you ever wondered, what category of liar you are? According to Nir Eyal, the Israeli-born American author, lecturer, and investor known for his bestselling book, Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products, there are four kinds of liars, understanding of whose may lessen your pain or even make you smirk!
Deceitful Liars: those who lie to others about facts

  • Lie to others about facts
  • Children often do this for their own personal gain
  • Adults often do this to maintain their social relationship

Duplicitous Liars: those who lie to others about their values

  • Lie to others about your own values
  • They pretend to believe in something but act differently
  • Damages relationships, as you base perception on their values

Delusional Liars: those who lie to themselves about facts

  • Lie to themselves about facts
  • They do this to protect their feelings and can be health
  • But, self-deception is unhealthy in some cases (i.e. depression)

Demoralized Liars: those who lie to themselves about their values

  • Lie to themselves about their values
  • They tell themselves to commit to something but act otherwise
  • This damages their integrity and compromises their sense of self

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Now that you know the truth about liars, you are capable to spot them in your own life and cut them off, if they are not able to mend their ways, for your sanity and mental peace. (ANI)