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Laziness is to blame for extinction of primitive humans

ANI | Updated: Aug 11, 2018 14:14 IST

Washington D.C. [USA] Aug 11(ANI): Quit being a couch potato because guess what, Homo erectus, a species of primitive humans, went extinct because they were 'lazy'. And this was when there was no television, mobile phone or laptops to keep them glued.
An archaeological excavation of ancient human population in the Arabian Peninsula during early Stone Age, has revealed that Homo erectus used 'least-effort strategies' for tool making and collecting resources.
It is quite similar to how we put in minimal efforts in cleaning our rooms by gathering everything and dumping it on that chair in the corner, which nobody can sit on because it is always loaded with 'stuff'.
This 'laziness' paired with an inability to adapt to a changing climate likely played a role in the species getting extinct, according to lead researcher Dr Ceri Shipton of the ANU School of Culture, History and Language.
"They really don't seem to have been pushing themselves. I don't get the sense they were explorers looking over the horizon. They didn't have that same sense of wonder that we have.To make their stone tools they would use whatever rocks they could find lying around their camp, which was mostly of comparatively low quality to what later stone tool makers used ," said Dr.Shipton.
Explaining just how lazy Homo erectus were, he said "When we looked at the rocky outcrop there were no signs of any activity, no artefacts and no quarrying of the stone. They knew it was there, but because they had adequate resources they seem to have thought, why bother?"
The research has been published in a paper for the 'PLoS One scientific journal'. (ANI)