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Most relatable tweets trending this week

ANI | Updated: Jun 18, 2018 22:12 IST

New Delhi [India], Jun 18 (ANI): 'Do not take life too seriously. You will never get out of it alive' - Elbert Hubbard
The proverbial phrase encourages people to live life as it comes and sport a positive 'can-do' attitude in the face of adversity or misfortune.
Here is a little treat of most relatable tweets trending on the micro-blogging site this week, that just give off one message - you are not alone in it.
One tweet read, "I wish i could say "?????????????????" in real life. It would be very useful."

One user posted, "When you text someone, then get in the shower so you can take a while to respond to them, but you get out and they haven't replied yet."

One tweet read, "When I was in 3rd grade I thought having glasses was REALLY cool. I told my mom I was having trouble seeing. She set an appt with the optometrist and I purposefully said all of the wrong letters during the test."

One irritated girlfriend posted, "Told my boyfriend I was going to start my period and he said, "AGAIN??" It's like, you know what, you're right, I'm cancelling my subscription."

One user tweeted, "Me when my bredrins would suggest buying a table to get into a club when I only came out with £40."

"In 2nd grade I was so afraid I had a giant late fee for a library book that was months late I said I had a twin named Claret Chantal who had taken it out. ?? Needless to say they did not believe me", wrote one user.

One man posted, "Actual conversation I overheard between an elderly couple: Woman: Well what'd you do that for Al? Man: Why do I do anything Ronda? I was probably hungry or sleepy. I think I just saw my future and it is BRIGHT."

One post read, "In Kindergarten I told my mom I had been chosen as the new school mascot. She believed me and after a few days went to ask the teacher about the practice schedule and my teacher, rightfully, looked at her like she was insane. I still don't know why I did this."

One person wrote, "Overheard this old man leaving a restaurant say, "I've got my hat. I've got my coat. I've got my keys. I've got my wallet. I've got my wife, and she's got my pie. Life is good." "

One user wrote, "Overheard in Target just now Mom: "I came in here without my purse, the hell was I gonna buy all this with" Son (Late teens, prob): "Ya good looks"."