Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler
Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler

My music is not for political rallies: Steven Tyler to Trump

ANI | Updated: Aug 23, 2018 13:09 IST

Washington DC, [USA] Aug 23 (ANI): American rock band Aerosmith's Steven Tyler has taken exception to the fact that US President Donald Trump used one of his songs for a political rally.
On Tuesday, President Trump used his song 'Livin' on the edge' for a rally, reported CNN.
The singer, in a recently released statement, said that this is not a political war between Democrats and Republicans.
He further said that no one can use his songs without his permission, since it is not for political rallies, but is focused on social causes. He also stated that he has been fighting in favour of protecting copyrights before the Trump administration came into being.
The letter, that was sent by Tyler's attorneys to Donald Trump on Wednesday noted that it was not the first time that the latter used the former's songs in his campaigns. The letter pointed out that it happened twice in 2015 during Trump's presidential campaign.
The letter went on to accuse President Trump of falsely implying Tyler to be an endorser of the former's campaign.
Back in 2015, Trump took a jibe at the singer and said that the he can legally can use his songs, and in turn Tytler should be happy about getting publicity.
In the letter, the singer has requested the President to reply within 24 hours. (ANI)