Netizens have found a new obsession- Zuckerberg's eyes!

ANI | Updated: Apr 16, 2018 15:40 IST

New Delhi [India] Apr 16(ANI): In the latest trend that is making the rounds on social media, people have gone all the way to troll Mark Zuckerberg's eyes.

Netizens have been comparing the Facebook CEO's eyes to anime characters, robots, and even dolls. Some even said, they are bloodshot, bulging, and look like weird black marbles after he made comments in the second and last day of the joint hearing of the members of the US House of Representatives Energy and Commerce Committee at the Capitol Hill.

A user tweeted, "Mark Zuckerberg looks like he has anime eyes."

"I dunno what it is about Zuckerberg that makes the alien/robot etc comparisons so easy, I think it's the bug eyes and ears and complexion," wrote another.

"The creepy hollowness of Mark Zuckerberg's eyes haunts me. Like two weird little black marbles," tweeted Managing editor, Jes Skolnik.

Another person wrote, "Maybe it's easier on us psychologically to see Zuckerberg as a robot than see him as a cold, totally self-serving human, with vacant, black, shark eyes."

"Has anyone noticed how he's beginning to look like an #AI robot with those vacant dark eyes & plastic skin? The guy just doesn't look real," tweeted a user.(ANI)