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People choose smartphones mostly by its appearance

ANI | Updated: Oct 22, 2018 22:49 IST

Washington D.C.[USA], Oct 21 (ANI): According to a new study, the most important influence on the purchase of a mobile phone is what it looks like. The technical characteristics are only the second factor taken into account when buying a smartphone.
The study was published in the Journal of Informacion Tecnologica. Experts from the University of Seville, in collaboration with the Catholic University of North Chile, showed that the more attractive the image and design of the phone, the stronger the emotional relationship that consumers are going to have with the product, which is a clear influence on their purchasing decision.
The research was based on a sample of 388 valid responses, 247 from Brazilian users and 141 from Chileans. After analysing the data collected, the experts indicated that technical characteristics and functionality are the next factors to influence the purchase of smartphones.
"We have seen that the social value or colours of the mobile, however, are questions that matter less to the consumer," said researcher Francisco Javier Rondan.
With regard to the aesthetic qualities, the most sold mobile phones of 2017 had flat screens with rounded edges and a size between 4.7" and 5.5".
As for the average amount spent by consumers on this type of mobile device, the prices of the most sold smartphones ranged from 269 to 639 Euros. (ANI)