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Protect yourself this Halloween

ANI | Updated: Oct 31, 2018 21:28 IST

Washington D.C. [USA], Oct 31(ANI): Touted to be one of the spookiest nights of the year, Halloween can also affect your health.
According to CNN and some researchers, people should be aware of the following health hazards during Halloween:
-Deadly day for kids
The statistics are shocking. Children are twice as likely to die on Halloween than any other day of the year as they trick-or-treat along the streets. A study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stated that children were four times more likely to die on All Hallows' Eve while walking.
- Killer buzz
Statistics show that during a four-year period, 14 percent of all pedestrian deaths on Halloween involved drunken drivers. Overall, Halloween drunk-driving fatalities are on the rise, with 44 percent of all people killed in car crashes on Halloween night involving a drunk driver.
- Demon allergies
A lot of adults and children have food allergies. Milk, eggs, peanuts, soy, wheat, tree nuts, fish and shellfish are responsible for 90 percent of allergic reactions, according to the Food Allergy Research and Education group. Some of those reactions can be deadly.
-Fire hazards
Even if you're dressed as the devil, you don't want to burn. Yet fire hazards abound on Halloween, as people use sandbag candles and fiery jack-o'-lanterns to decorate their homes and walkways.
-Trick or trip
Tripping or falling wins second place for most common Halloween injury, says the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Getting tangled in the long legs of ill-fitting costumes is a key reason; costume masks can also be part of the problem. Many gruesome monster heads are ill-fitting, with poorly cut eye holes that limit vision. Ghostly sheets can both obstruct eyesight and become tripping hazards.