Hit the weights, read a book, pursue your hobby and indulge in some shenanigans with the boys
Hit the weights, read a book, pursue your hobby and indulge in some shenanigans with the boys

The single guy's survival guide for Valentine's Day

ANI | Updated: Feb 06, 2020 20:01 IST

New Delhi [India], Feb 6 (ANI): Valentines Day is around the corner and for single guys who are figuring out a way to tide through it without spiralling into sadness and self-loathing here are some solid and time tested bro-wisdom from singletons that might come in handy.
Abhimanyu Khadwal, a scribe who writes for a magazine suggests that it's usually very helpful to hit the gym, read a book, watch some YouTube and avoid TV or going outside on the day.
A 32-year-old professional photographer in Delhi's Mayur Vihar phase 1 -- who didn't want his name to be mentioned -- feels that there is no need for a specific day to express love.
This Valentine's Day, he plans to spend his time doing some repair work and modifications on his beloved motorcycle and have "a nice evening with the lads" at the local cafe. So, for him, it is mostly just business as usual.
For Ankur Singh, a 24-year-old copywriter with a Delhi advertisement agency "It would be a normal day." "I'll go about doing everything in my daily routine. I enjoy looking at others having fun, the thing that keeps me entertained on this day is seeing red pop up everywhere."
Khadwal who is 23 says he likes to steer clear of watching TV and going on social media on Valentines Day.
Meanwhile, the photographer advised "dudes in distress" to "stop being sheep and just make memes."
Reconciling with singleness can be a tough task for Khadwal has never been a bother.
As Khadwal puts it: "It bothers me that it bothers people."
Ankur Singh echoes the sentiment.
The Delhi photographer says he never felt any emptiness arising out of his present relationship status that hasn't changed for the past three years. "I have plenty of company all around me; I just need a good company that's it".
Being a lone wolf in this world of hearts and roses and romantic dates means different things to different people, and the guys we talked to are no exception.
For Khadwal, "being single is a very fulfilling experience and makes me explore my independence better and focus on my goals. It gives me a lot of time for myself because let's be honest your favourite person is mostly yourself, so being single is like doing your favourite thing most of the time."
The downside of this state of existence, he says: "I guess there is no one to check on you or give you an intimate and honest criticism, so there's the risk of you acting like a child with a big wallet in an unattended candy store!"
Living all by himself says Singh, allows him to be in his own head and enables him to see and experience things that he otherwise couldn't during his past relationships.
The 32-year-old camera professional sees relationships with a lens of scepticism as he feels that "there are several compromises in a relationship, let's say, finding a perfect partner is a myth, and such unions are just social contracts, so it's better to not obsess over having a girlfriend".
So the bottom line is -- hit the weights, read a book, pursue your hobby and indulge in some shenanigans with the boys. Singlehood doesn't make you any less of a person. Enjoy your freedom and keep rocking. (ANI)