Twitter can't keep calm as some clocks are running slow in Europe

ANI | Updated: Mar 09, 2018 15:19 IST

London [U.K.], Mar 09 (ANI): Some clocks are running 6 minutes slow all because of a row between two territories in the Europe and Twitter is losing its mind over it.

A user wrote, " I got a new reason now to say when I am late for meetings :)".

" This has been driving me mad - You've done a vital service here John", wrote another.

Another user wrote, " Yo... thread of the year? Educational, interesting, and a spectacular payoff? What's gonna beat it?"

" Realllllyyyyy. I was wondering Why my oven and microwave kept getting further apart with the displayed time ...", tweeted another user.

John Hyphen, a Twitter user, explained the phenomenon as the consequence of a territorial dispute between Kosovo and Serbia.

He further noted that the row has disrupted Europe's electric power grid, which is causing some electric clocks to run six minutes slower.

To substantiate it, he tweeted a threat of explanations. He concluded the thread with, "This unaccounted-for gap in electricity supply and demand has slightly unbalanced the whole European grid, lowering the frequency, like a leaky pipe lowering the water pressure. The lower frequency of the European grid means that the seconds have been dragging out noticeably longer for loads of clocks, putting them almost 6 minutes out of whack......and that's why I was late".