Jared Thomas and Micaela O'Toole
Jared Thomas and Micaela O'Toole

What can be better than an 'Uber love story?'

ANI | Updated: Apr 21, 2019 20:11 IST

Washington D.C. [USA], Apr 21 (ANI): It takes years to find your perfect match. But who would have thought that the one you are looking for can be the driver of your Uber?
It became a reality for Micaela O’Toole and Jared Thomas of Kansas City in September 2016, reported People.
“We’re really excited to be married … When we met we had sparks going between us in the Uber, then we dated for a week. Within a week I called my mom and I was like, ‘I met my husband!’” O’Toole, 30, told People.
Jared Thomas, with his relatives, was heading to a music festival when O'Toole picked them up. Micaela O’Toole was attending St. Louis University while driving for Uber.
“You could tell there was a connection. We got to the end of the ride and it was an awkward moment where we both looked at each other,” Thomas recalled while speaking to People.
“I didn’t wanna be the creepy guy asking for my Uber driver’s number, and she didn’t wanna be the creepy Uber driver asking for my number. I just choked under pressure,” he added.
Just as they were destined to meet, the two met again on Bumble, a dating app where the woman initiates the conversation. O’Toole recalls that she didn’t think twice as she saw Thomas on the app and acted in the first place.
O’Toole’s message read, “Hey Jared! Wow- this is pretty random, but I was actually your uber driver a couple of weeks ago and took you and your friends to LouFest! I really thought you were cute and was impressed that you had more freckles than me!”
The two scheduled a meeting for the next day.
O’Toole went on to say, “We went to a wine bar in St. Louis and I never wanted that date to end! We were on our date for four or five hours. It was so fun.”
 “We just were so excited to meet each other and a little nervous obviously. We were like; this is too good to be true,” she added.
The couple exchanged rings in June 2017. O’Toole shared their unusual story on her Instagram. The couple got married on March 16 in a St. Patrick’s Day-themed wedding.
Uber gifted the couple with a promo code for their guests, Micaele O’Toole told, “Our wedding hashtag was #UbertotheAltar. Uber was kind enough to give us a promo code for our wedding guests. All of our guests were able to Uber to the church for free!”
“Everything had to go right for us to meet. It wasn’t like we just happened to be classmates and saw each other every day and decided we like each other or a friend set us up,” Thomas says.
“Literally, if I had called that Uber five seconds earlier and gotten the first one instead of the second one, Micaela would’ve been right outside the door in the road, a sidewalk away, and I never would have met her,” Thomas reminiscences.
He added, “What are the chances of her being in that area and linking with my phone? What are the chances that it all plays out and happens like it does? It’s just unbelievable.” (ANI)