Celebrate love with all your heart on this Valentine's day
Celebrate love with all your heart on this Valentine's day

Celebrate this Valentine's Day without burning a hole in your pocket

ANI | Updated: Feb 12, 2020 15:48 IST

New Delhi [India], Feb 12 (ANI): In less than a week, the air will be blossoming with romance but with it comes the confusion among many on how to make your significant another feel special on Valentine's Day.
With all the glitzy-glamour, champagne socked ideas that usually sum up as the perfect Valentine's day, it can be hard to come up with a new idea on how to celebrate the day without breaking the bank, and yet make it meaningful.
No matter how much people emphasis on the saying 'Every day is beautiful with you by my side' when V-day is around, people who are in love tend to make special plans that can express their love in all its glory.
The idea of celebration differs from people to people.
For Jahnavi Arora, an ex-contestant of a reality show and an anchor from Delhi, doing the things that the couple used to do during the initial stages of their relationship would be a great idea to make the day special.
"Yes, I believe that Valentine's day is a great chance to make your partner feel special. But special doesn't mean a lavish date, that the very next day you think about all the money spent and regret about it. Without holding back, express what you feel, and talk about each other," she added.
An R&D Engineer, Arun, doesn't believe in an extravagant celebration of the V-Day as it is 'being portrayed on social media'.
According to him, an ideal way to celebrate for the long-distance couples would be to give an "extra 10 minutes" than the usual.
Twenty-four-year-old Alex is too of the opinion that luxury doesn't take the first place in making your partner feel special.
"I believe in keeping the celebration minimal on Valentine's Day. People hardly manage to spend some quality together in this busy running world. So being at home, cooking together, a good romantic movie to binge on would make the day special," he stated.
Hence, here are few budget-friendly Valentine's Day ideas that can turn the frown in the forehead to crimson flush on her cheeks:
1) Scavenger Hunt

Planning a scavenger hunt would be great fun! Scribbling some quirky riddles leaving some clues to the questions that you have prepared for your partner can be a great yet exciting game. After each passing clue, a tiny little gift can make the game even special.
2) Take a dance class

Be it salsa, jazz or any freestyle dancing, when the beats are on, don't hesitate to hit the dance floor. Put on your favourite shoes, groove to the song like nobody is watching you. Take a two-three hour dance class in a nearby dance studio as you do not want to miss your partner's new signature move.
3) Take a U-turn from that fancy restaurant

Sometimes surprising your partner with their favourite homemade dish could be way better than dining in a fancy restaurant. So, on this special day of love, cook a dish of his/her favourite. A little bit of creativity while garnishing would be great. Also, play some good music, a glass of wine, and the candlelight on the dining table will look no less than fancy restaurant.
4) Museum tour

Boring! That is a pre-set notion that lies around the idea of visiting a museum. If you are a couple who really enjoys art or artwork, visiting an art gallery would be a great idea of celebrating Valentines, that too in a budget-friendly manner.
5) Wine tasting

If you are a couple who would enjoy the fine taste of wine, take that as a plan for the day. Many places offer a varied range of wine during Valentine's week and you do not want to miss the exciting offers as you enjoy that fine wine.
6) Take a walk

Make a walk to remember on this Valentine 's Day! No matter how cliche this sounds, a walk by your partner's side, holding hands can be a great way to make your significant another feel special. Take a stroll along the garden and let your partner know how you feel about them on this special day. (ANI)