Scientists say 'Red' is an attention-grabbing and emotionally intense color.
Scientists say 'Red' is an attention-grabbing and emotionally intense color.

Ditch that red dress this Valentine's Day!

ANI | Updated: Feb 12, 2020 19:33 IST

New Delhi [India], Feb 12 (ANI): Valentine's Day is all about making your loved one feel special be it by giving them special gifts or by dressing up in your best for that romantic date.
The colour 'Red' has long been associated with Valentine's Day and girls like to wear red dresses to make them stand out on this special occasion, but why only this colour and not anything else? And why should girls ditch that red dress this Valentine's? Let's find out!
Scientists say 'red' is an attention-grabbing and emotionally intense colour. It enhances physical reactions, which is why retailers use it with signs to stimulate people to make quick buying decisions.
However, some people like Kiran, a makeup artist says she likes wearing red colour especially for a V-day date: "Red makes me feel, strong, confident and beautiful; I would prefer to wear red on a date than any other colour."
Charu Arora, a fashion designer who runs her own store gave some tips on outfits that one can try out for the special day.
"One can go for horizontal and vertical line prints instead of heart and floral patterns to bring something unique to the table."
"People who are on the leaner side can use horizontal line outfits that can help them to look healthier than their normal weight, and as an embellishment one can use feathers sequence fabric to go for the day," she added.
Here are some of the outfits to flaunt on this Valentine's Day:
Floral print - Floral prints come in all sorts of colours and variations and are especially interesting when crossed with any print in the outfit like stripes. It can be used to create a statement in any neutral outfit or can be paired with a texture, floral prints. One can carry floral prints by experimenting with a bold new colour palette for that perfect date outfit.

Little Black Dress- One can never go wrong by wearing an elegant and chic LBD for almost all evening occasions. The best option to slay Valentine's Day look is by sporting that black dress.

Accessorise - Accessories are important for a perfect date to look more than you would ever have imagined. Colorful statement jewellery, black kitten heels, pearl necklace or leather handbag in a neutral colour can help any standard outfit to create that perfect look.

The appearance is just a secondary part of the day as no matter what you wear, what matters the most is that you get to spend the day with your loved one. (ANI)