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Cancer survivors get unique look with 'Permanent makeup' by Alps Beauty Clinic

| Updated: Dec 09, 2016 22:13 IST

New Delhi [India], Dec 9 (ANI): For the first time in the country, permanent makeup expert and Executive Director of Alps Beauty Group, Gunjan Gaur has organized a unique workshop of its kind with the "Cancer Survivors" by doing a makeover of their eyebrows through permanent make-up at their exclusive salon at South Extension, New Delhi recently. The noble objective of this event was to help the cancer survivors gain their self confidence back through permanent eyebrow- makeup. On this occasion, while expressing her feelings Gunjan Gaur, Permanent Makeup Expert and Executive Director of ALPS Beauty Group said, "Everyone likes to look beautiful and glamorous. It is a divine truth that being called beautiful doesn't only boost one's confidence but also get them a warm acceptance in the society. I want to showcase a simple gesture of appreciation for these strong women who have fought and won this battle against cancer. This is their time to live their lives with fullest happiness and zeal." During the workshop, Mrs. Gaur presented a live demonstration of Permanent Eyebrows on five female cancer survivors and explained about the minute details of the techniques involved in the process of permanent makeup on the eyebrows. In this process, the German colors are and needles are used to create eyebrows in desired color and shape. The brows created by this process aren't affected with sweat or water and have life of 12-15 years. "The heavy doses of chemotherapy ends up burning the frame of one's face i.e. eyebrows, hair, etc. Its not only painful, but the society also reacts differently towards the patients, even after they recover from the same. Through permanent eyebrow-makeup, they will not only get their flawless faces back but also their lowered self-confidence. I want all of them to look and feel sheer beautiful" added Gaur. Along with this, she also had some fun-filled interactive sessions with each individual that made them feel special and good about themselves, boosting their self esteem. The deep thought behind this event was to bring these women back to life by bringing back their lost identity. Expressing her happiness, one of the survivors said, "Initially I was quite scared as of how will the procedure take place, how will I look after it and so many more questions were revolving in my mind. But when I finally saw the result, I was extremely surprised and delighted. I mean I couldn't believe my eyes because my eyebrows looked exactly the same as they used to look before chemotherapy. I think I won't remember the trauma and pain from my treatment as there are no signs of it on my face anymore." This unique opportunity helped the cancer survivors to discover positivity and joy. The happiness ultimately spread felicitation and tremendous self- confidence amongst them, adding to saccharine memories they carried in their kitty. (ANI)