Entrepreneur Vineet Bajpai cracks code of accelerated, extraordinary career-growth with 'The 30 Something CEO'

| Updated: Aug 23, 2017 11:20 IST

New Delhi [India] Nov. 11(ANI): After sharing real strategies and proven methods to build start-up businesses, successful entrepreneur Vineet Bajpai, has launched his latest management book, 'The 30 Something CEO'. The newly-launched book has made its first stop on online commerce giant Amazon and will hit physical retail stores over the next few days. Vineet, a well-known entrepreneur and currently the Founder and CEO of Talentrack, India's largest talent-hiring and digital-content crowd-sourcing platform for the media and entertainment industry, has elucidated practical ways and powerful methods to stay ahead in today's career rush. The book uncovers some radical, unconventional and daring lessons on creating that competitive edge for oneself in modern-day organizations. It speaks about the emergence of the indomitable 30-something champions who are changing the game in every field. One of India's most prolific management writers, Vineet has already authored two bestselling books for entrepreneurs - 'Build from Scratch' and 'The Street to the Highway.' Published by Jaico Publishing House, the book questions why only a few among us become spectacular success stories, while the others remain mediocre through our lives and careers. What is the secret behind the stellar stories of this handful of winners? It speaks about how today's career landscape has changed and is no more about the wear-a-tie, carry-your-lunchbox and meet-your-deadline drill. It is now an all-enticing gold-rush where the winners become modern-day emperors and the mediocre trudge like lifeless robots in the millions. It is a veritable war-zone. And like every fortune-hunt in history - it is the survival of the fittest. The author, through his book, challenges and encourages every young executive, professional and entrepreneur to crack the code to success, and join this league of magnificent young winners. Speaking at the event, Vineet Bajpai said, "Unlike my first two books that were meant primarily for entrepreneurs, The 30 Something CEO is for everyone who is seeking to embark upon an accelerated and spectacular career. Aimed to reach the hands of every executive, every student, every professional and every entrepreneur, this book is like an appeal, a war-cry for everyone out there who has the potential to carve their own paths to success, but need to be trained on the methods." Before closing his address Vineet added, "Please remember that the 30 something title is only a metaphor. This book is meant for everyone irrespective of his or her age. This book is about dreamers who know age cannot be a parameter. This book is about believers who know that ambition knows no excuses." (ANI)