Independence, career more important than marriage in life, BharatMatrimony Study on young singles reveals

| Updated: Aug 23, 2017 11:20 IST

New Delhi [India], Sept.24 (ANI): A social media study titled "QuestionsSinglesFace" conducted by BharatMatrimony has found that for young singles, especially women, retaining independence and pursuing a career are far more important than getting married. The aim of the survey was to find out "what problems young Indian singles of marriageable age face," and witnessed over 1700 responses. Acknowledging that single girls and boys are subjected to a barrage of uncomfortable questions from anxious parents, eager relatives and well meaning friends, BharatMatrimony posed a number of questions and the targeted respondents gave their answers with much openness. When asked what is more important in life, than marriage, 50 percent said it was "independence," 40 percent declared "career" and 10 percent said "education". To a question about, "what are the silly excuses people give to get you married?" a majority of them said "friends are getting married, why don't you." When asked, "When should one marry?" 80 percent said "when mentally prepared", while 20 percent said "when you're financially prepared". Some of the key insights from the survey: 1. Independence and settling down in a career is more important than marriage 2. One should marry only when one's mentally ready for a relationship 3. Personality is more important than looks The survey saw plenty of witty and wise responses. "For ages, young girls and boys have always faced uncomfortable questions regarding marriage, the moment they enter their twenties. We wanted to offer a forum for the youth to express their views frankly on this subject. Our social study reveals that youngsters, with due respect to parents and elders, simply want more control over the choices they make in life, especially marriage," says Kaushik Tiwari, Vice President - Marketing and Communication at (ANI)