#ReleaseThePressure: Here's what kids have to say about exam pressure

| Updated: Aug 23, 2017 11:20 IST

New Delhi [India], Feb. 17 (ANI): As the exam season approaches, one tends to hear numerous stories of examination stress among teenagers which often leads to depression and suicidal tendencies. Soft drink brand Mirinda is looking to increase awareness through a campaign #ReleaseThePressure. As part of its new campaign, 'No More Pressurepanti, Only Pagalpanti', Mirinda brings forth the sentiments of these teens, and urges everyone to pledge to 'Release the Pressure'. Through a moving short film featuring real letters written and read by teenagers to their parents, Mirinda aims to ignite and facilitate a conversation that deserves attention in our country. The digital film features real-life teenagers reading out letters they have written to their parents. They express their distress over the tough time they go through and the parental expectations which add to the pressure, during exams. It goes on to show the parents' touching reactions to the letters. Shoojit Sircar, who has directed the short film, says, "Mounting pressure on the kids to perform has become a stark reality of every urban teenager's growing up years. I firmly believe our primary responsibility as a conscientious parent, as citizens and as makers of this film, is to not only raise this issue but also to raise it in a manner keeping in mind the sensitivity of the matter for the teenagers that face it." "And hence the film was shot in a manner where I only facilitated the process for the children to open up their feelings - an innocent, emotional, pure outburst of a teenager's emotion," he added. (ANI)