44% women assist husbands with skin cancer self-exams: Study

| Updated: May 03, 2017 16:34 IST

Washington D.C. [USA], May 3 (ANI): A survey finds, less than fifty percent women help their husbands with skin cancer detection. According to Healio Dermatology, the survey by the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) of 1,250 married women aged 40 to 64 years found that 44 percent reported helping their husband conduct skin self-examinations for signs of skin cancer at least once a year. However, 45 percent reported they would be more likely than their husband to notice a suspicious spot on his skin. The survey also found that 35 percent of respondents reported noticing a suspicious spot on their husband's skin before he did. Most respondents (75 percent) reporting examining their own skin for signs of skin cancer at least once a year. Of the respondents, 37 percent reported that their husband examined his skin at least once a year, while 29 percent reported not being sure if their husband conducted an annual skin self-exam. The research has also found that women are nine times more likely than men to notice melanoma on others. (ANI)