BharatMatrimony launches new TV commercial: Nazar Nahin, Nazariya Badlo

| Updated: Dec 26, 2016 19:43 IST

New Delhi [India], Dec. 26 (ANI): Leading matchmaking brand, BharatMatrimony, today launched its new TVC, 'Nazar Nahi, Nazariya Badlo' that encourages people to look beyond the family and friends circle to find a match. The concept is centered around the limited choices that the family and friends can come up with when it comes to a life partner search. The TVC focuses on re-looking the way we search for a life partner while extending the concept of 'self-arranged marriages' which had been brought alive in the last film - 'Sirf Huzaron mein ek kyon? Lakhon mein ek kyon nahin?' BharatMatrimony through its creative communication (TVC) has redefined partner search in marriage by highlighting the right of Indians to pursue better and wider choices for their future. The commercial shows a niece telling the aunt that for her cousin, they have to look at wider choices beyond the circle of family and friends. "Change the way you search for a life partner, log on to BharatMatrimony and you could change her fortunes," the girl encourages. "This campaign marks the reinforcement of our brand strategy of providing wider and better choices to young Indians across the globe, when it comes to matchmaking. We have always been looking for ways to make BharatMatrimony more relevant to today's young people, who want to choose their life partner themselves but for whom the involvement of their parents in the process is also important," says Kaushik Tiwari, Head - Marketing at BharatMatrimony. (ANI)