Cruise through 2018: Pick from these most celebrated cruises

ANI | Updated: Jan 23, 2018 15:09 IST

New Delhi [India], Jan 23 (ANI): The past 365 days saw remarkable developments and evolution in the world of cruising. Some amazing ships redefined the meaning of the word luxury on remote seas and sprawling oceans.

As we step into 2018, the saga of cruising to uncharted destinations surrounded by exquisite luxury continues with this curated list of five of the best cruises all across the world.

From the cradle of the ancient civilisation in Greece to the high-octane adrenaline rush of modern sports in Monaco Grand Prix, witness the world aboard the best ships.

Be pampered by the most indulgent amenities and make memories of a lifetime with the sun, sea, Mother Nature and your near and dear ones to keep you company-

-7 Night Greek Isles Cruise

This summer, the home of the ancient Greek civilisation can be your playground with the 7-night Greek Isles cruise offered by Celebrity Cruises. From riding Gondolas in the famous waterways of Venice to experiencing the best of Italy in Naples and Rome, the cruise promises an in-depth perspective of the local culture, food, language and lifestyle. And yes, lest we forget, you get to spend many hours at the legendary Santorini islands, witnessing the marvelous settlement looking on the Aegean Sea, made on the collapsed remnant of a volcanic caldera!

-7 Night Alaska Hubbard Glacier Cruise

If pristine, unexplored territories beckon you, then this cruise is surely what you're looking for! The combination of the breathtaking beauty of Alaska combined with the fabulous modern luxury aboard the Celebrity Infinity spellbinds a traveller, as does the continuously advancing Hubbard Glacier! One cannot but marvel at the sheer magnificence of its size while taking in the endless landscape of ice.

-4 Night Grand Prix Voyage

Offered by Azamara Club Cruises aboard the majestic Azamara Quest, this cruise is the dream experience of every Grand Prix lover! The lure of the iconic Monaco grand Prix cannot be stressed enough, and when combined with extremely beautiful ports such as Nice in France, Santa Margherita in Italy, Saint Tropez in France etc., it is an experience not to be missed.

-10 Night Vietnam and Thailand Voyage

A long 10-night Thailand Vietnam Voyage aboard Azamara Quest is not one you'll ever regret! With a double overnight stay in Bangkok followed by exploration opportunities in various parts of Vietnam and Thailand, you're definitely going to love this opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the many colours, flavours and the vibrant culture of South East Asia.

-4 Night Balearic Islands Cruise

Barcelona, Ibiza, Mallorca, and Nice...need we say more! Good destinations often come in small voyages, and aboard Azamara Quest, you will keep wishing that these 4 days last until eternity! Sun-drenched hot spots in the famous Spanish archipelagoes, spending a night at the Holy Grail of party destinations in Ibiza and landing up at the home of Messi and other unique creations of God in Barcelona, the cruise is a heady experience of serenity, spirited partying and complete relaxation. (ANI)