Head here for unforgettable Valentine's celebrations

ANI | Updated: Feb 13, 2018 14:46 IST

New Delhi [India], Feb 13 (ANI): Nowadays, there is a clear trend among people to visit places of tourist interests on Valentine's Day.

It is emerging as an occasion for people to travel with their loved one and enjoy the company of that person more closely. The best way to spend a truly memorable Valentine's Day is to visit one of the destinations which are famed across the world for their exuberant celebrations.

There are options for everyone, so much so that you will be spoiled for choice. From dazzling parties and themed hotel arrangements to exceptional dining options and romantic cruises, BigBreaks.com gives you an insight on the places you should visit on Valentine's Day.

- New York

In the United States, Valentine's Day is celebrated with great fervor. The modern celebrations of the day involve dazzling dinners and dance parties organised throughout the city, with the city's best restaurants and bars offering a wealth of special menus. New York brims the hues of red and pink as people hold private celebrations in homes or restaurants with flowers, candies, presents in shades of love. Valentine's Day programs, songs, dance, skits and plays are held across the streets. Local museums offer exclusive star-gazing shows, for a truly memorable time with your beloved.

- Miami

Miami becomes an even more enchanting place around Valentine's Day. The Villa Vizcaya, a 1916 Mediterranean Revival mansion and considered to be the city's most romantic attraction is heavenly decorated, offering glamorous nostalgia. Gift purchases can be had in the Design District, which is rich in boutiques and art lovers can stroll along Wynwood Walls followed by a stop at the Perez Art Museum Miami. Boat tour to Biscayne Bay is sure to cement the mood further.

- London

London is also emerging a popular destination for people to travel to during Valentine's Day. All over the city, children sing special songs for the occasion and are rewarded with gifts like candies, fruits or money. Lavish dinners are held at various hotels and restaurants. The flower markets offer some exotic flowers and pubs and bars in the city wear mood lighting, fine food and opulent decor. Sea Life London Aquarium lets you snorkel with sharks and the London Helicopter arranges special tours over the capital for couples.

- Melbourne

In Australia's southern capital, there are ways to celebrate the passionate day than just roses and candlelit dinners. Hot air balloon ride over the city is one of the most popular activities on Valentine's Day which offers sweeping views of the city's parks and cricket ground. Boat rides along the Yarra River or special picnic for two in one of the intimate spots like Rippon Lea Estate are also quite popular. Midnight Cinema in the Royal Botanic Gardens is the perfect way to culminate the day in Melbourne.

- Amsterdam

Amsterdam is another hot destination for Valentine's Day travels as it is one of the most romantic cities on earth. Ride with your partner on one bicycle, stroll over canal bridges hand in hand with tulips bloomed everywhere in the season. The city is a sight to behold during Valentine's Day period. The eateries across the streets serve special Valentine deserts, cocktails and the most romantic spots in Amsterdam like the Magere Brug run romantic canal cruises. Apart from these, you also have the option taking tours down the city's cozy museums like Geelvinck Hinlopen Huis, Willet Holthuysen, Van Loon and Cromhouthuis.

- Portland

From quirky daytime outings to traditional romantic dinners, Portland has plenty of ways to celebrate the festival of love. Dig in delectable Peruvian cuisine, which is mostly offered with Valentine special menus. The city conducts special romantic cruises on the occasion and a costumed bike ride around the town is arranged for couples. The Portland Spirit offers exceptionally stunning views and a completely unique riverboat setting, which set the stage for a romantic brunch or dinner on Valentine's Day.

- Paris

The City of Love has much more to romance than chocolates and flowers. Couple games and activities take place around the city. For instance, partners are tied together at the wrist and are put up against whimsical challenges along the way. Social clubs host electrifying musical shows and sensuous dance performances for couples. For a truly sensual experience do watch the special evening cabaret shows which redefine beauty and setup unique stages for Valentine To top this all, the hotels in the city heat up things further with special packages that kick up the festivities. (ANI)