Tarar Khel region in Paksitan-occupied Kashmir
Tarar Khel region in Paksitan-occupied Kashmir

PoK's Tarar Khel region with tourism potential lies in shambles

ANI | Updated: Aug 26, 2018 14:42 IST

Tarar Khel [Pakistan-occupied Kashmir], Aug 26 (ANI): Tarar Khel, a region of Pakistan occupied Kashmir [PoK] which has a huge potential to attract tourists every year because of its pristine snow-clad mountains and fascinating landscapes, now lie in an apathetic condition owing to its poor infrastructure.
This has led to rebellion among the locals. Tourism is a far-fetched issue since locals themselves live in a miserable condition.
Locals blame the concerned authorities, who turn a blind eye to the fact that the roads, hospitals, education, medical care are in desperate need of an upgradation in order to shake up the region's economy.
Despite locals carrying out demonstrations and highlighting this burning issue, nothing has worked out in their favour.
A protester from this PoK region, who is often a part of the demonstrations, said that education and hospitals are their fundamental rights as the region is no more under the "patronage of rulers".
"This is our tax money which is filling the coffers of the rulers. We have been trying to build a hospital for years. Prime Ministers, one after the other, have only made empty promises. We just want our rights."
The protestor also noted that because of such reasons the people have to take to the streets in order to ensure a better life for the next generation.
"We don't want our children to blame us like the way we do our ancestors. So, get up and move forward to claim your rights," the protester added.
Locals claim that even after several decades of Pakistan's governance, a step-motherly treatment was meted out to them. They have even confirmed that they have been subjected to atrocities whenever the question of their due share of rights came to the fore. (ANI)