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Refer to these rental destinations for a perfect travel trip

ANI | Updated: Dec 09, 2017 10:36 IST

New Delhi [India], Dec 9 (ANI): As we start planning vacations or small trips regardless of where going there are few things to take into consideration before planning that perfect trip.

There is always something affordable that we always check around. In the era of sharing economy, here are some rental platforms that can help one in organizing short and long term travel plans. This can be your go get money saver for all your future trips.


Have you wished for a cozy sleeping bag instead of the bulky blanket you are carrying or had dropped the plan to buy baby travel gear because its short time requirement and highly expensive.

An online renting platform that provides anything and everything, offers wide range of travel products from luggage's, backpacks, Strollers, Tent accessories, Baby travel gears etc. Spend less and avail more on your next travel plan. Logon to: www.rentsher.com


Capture the travel memories for the lifetime without making a huge cost. Toehold provides biggest and best photography-equipment rental source in Bangalore and Pune. They have comprehensive array of cameras, lenses and accessories on rent, so you never have to break the bank to afford shooting with the best gear.

Whether it's an entry-level camera and kit lens, or the world's best digital SLR camera with an ultra-telephoto lens, Toehold's rental product portfolio is truly well-stocked with all the Canon, Nikon and other popular cameras and lenses, and the essential support gear you need in making your images sing.

Wicked Ride

If you're all set for a motor-cycle trip for this vacation, don't worry Wicked Ride would be the best option. They have all the best motorcycle's on one platform and make it easily accessible and quick for rental. Renting Luxury bike is all about fulfilling every biker's dream of riding exotic and premium bikes.

Wicked Ride rent out exotic bikes such as Harley Davidson Street 750, Iron 883, and Continental GT cafe racer from Royal Enfield, Triumph - Bonneville. Users get to rent it by hour or by day.


Sharing the long Travel ride and sharing the cost with your fellow traveller at the end of the journey is what Blah Blah Cars serve one. Once you book your seat online. You'll get the car owner's phone number to arrange the final details. This can absolutely help those travellers who make last minute travel plans. (ANI)