Age doesn`t matter in Macron-Brigitte love story

| Updated: Aug 23, 2017 11:20 IST

London [UK], May 8 (ANI): This love story makes for a solid blockbuster material for a Bollywood movie. Their love story began 24 years ago, when Emmanuel Macron was only 15 and played a character in a play at his school directed by Brigitte Trogneux, then 39. Now, 64, Brigitte from continue to guide her husband, but on a much grander stage, as the First Lady of France at the Elysee presidential palace. She has been by his side since day one of his campaign, managing his agendas, editing his speeches and advising the newly elected president on his stage presence. After winning the most keenly observed and fiercely-debated French election, Macron said, "Without her, I wouldn't be me." Brigitte was born on April 13, 1953, the youngest of six children in a family of wealthy chocolate makers in the northern town of Amiens. According to The Mirror, the 39-year-old politician was just 16 when he decided to get married to Trogneux. Brigitte was previously married to a banker with whom she had three children. She divorced her husband Andre Louis Auziere in 2006. Macron and Trogneux tied the knot in 2007. "Love took everything in its path and led me to divorce. It was impossible to resist him," Trogneux told Paris Match magazine in 2016. Their unusual love story captivated French tabloids and magazines. In 2015, when Emmanuel Macron was the Finance Minister of France, Brigitte quit her job to stay with Macron in Paris. Many cartoonists of France and TV programmes did make jokes on their age difference, portraying Macron as a schoolboy taking instructions from his teacher. The newly elected President was 30, when he married Brigitte, who was 54 at that time. In his victory speech, Macron thanked his family and those close to him, as she joined him on stage before the traditional national anthem and kissed Macron's hand. (ANI)