Saluting the spirit of acid-attack survivors

| Updated: Aug 23, 2017 11:20 IST

Bengaluru [India], Mar. 24 (ANI): To celebrate the true spirit of womanhood, Housejoy's 'Joy Squad', in association with Atijeevan Foundation in Bengaluru and Chennai; brought joy into the lives of a few acid-attack survivors. Atijeevan Foundation is an organization that works to empower acid attack survivors, by helping them become economically independent. They also guide them with medical and legal assistance as required. Housejoy reached out to Atijeevan to see how they can collaborate with them and do something for these women. To start off, as a tribute to their spirit, ten survivors were pampered from head to toe through Housejoy's beauty services, giving them the opportunity to explore and enjoy services that they would normally shy away from. The brave women, who went through a great ordeal to stand where they are today, were not just thrilled but their self-confidence and dignity doubled up, after the pampering session. Commenting on the experience, Rathnamma from Atijeevan Foundation, said, "We had a great pampering session and loved it to bits. We are often termed as victims but the truth is we are fighters. I am glad that Housejoy took the initiative to celebrate our lives and show the world how capable we are in front of others." Another heroic survivor Akiamma, said, "I am so indebted to the Joy Squad team from Housejoy for taking time to spread joy to each one of us, here. Some of us have never had a pedicure or manicure in our lives and this experience is going to be an unforgettable one." Speaking on this initiative, Pragya Singh, Founder & Secretary, Atijeevan Foundation, said, "The effects of acid-attack can be very daunting. We have been working hard to help these survivors in this lifelong battle by bringing happiness in their lives, in every small way possible. I am really grateful to Housejoy, for helping us in our mission by going one step ahead and making these people happy from the comfort of their homes." Athijeevan foundation has been fighting for the empowerment and rehabilitation of acid attack survivors for more than five years now. It strives to open the doors of opportunities for the survivors to earn their living with their own skills and talent. The organization even guides them with medical and legal assistance with the help of a team of professionals and donors. Saran Chatterjee, CEO of Housejoy, said, "The goal behind the Housejoy's 'Joy Squad' initiative is to bring joy into the lives of people. The tales of these acid-attack survivors is nothing short of inspiring, and we salute the spirit of these women who make every effort to make a mark for themselves in unconventional roles." (ANI)