Training parents for life skills development of 21st century kids

| Updated: Aug 23, 2017 11:20 IST

New Delhi [India] Aug 11 (ANI): Today, life has expanded at such a rate that children come out as conscientious adults, even before they are aware of the meaning of the term! The power of technology is swiftly gaining grounds as they hold young minds in their control. It is up to these awakened tender souls to take ownership of the mass control and break the barriers in achieving their full potentiality. At present, parents rue over the unpreparedness of their children in facing real-life situations, when fact is, it is the parents who have left them ill prepared to meet the difficulties of life. It is life skills that empower children in making the most out of adversities. Life skills are all those necessary abilities which are generally not taught through books or education curriculum but are indispensable aid in tackling problems of real life. These essential lessons should come from parents, as they are the first guides towards the right path. Yet in the dog-eats-dog world, parents overlook the essentiality of life skills in, opting for meticulous lessons in maths and science instead. One of the finest ways parents can prepare their children for maturity is by imparting worldly knowledge to help them learn the skills they will need. These skills can include everything from basic self sufficiency to handling more complex responsibilities like managing a budget or a difficult social situation. Training parents for life skills empowers them to excel the art of communication with their child. Often a child witnesses several things which are too complex for their mind to comprehend. In such situations a parent needs to tackle the condition with tact and sensitivity. A healthy communication, as suggested by Shobana Mahansaria, co-founder, Dolphin POD, entails: - Encouraging the children to talk about their feelings and emotions - Being able to listen and respond in a sensitive way to all kinds of circumstances - Focusing on body language and tone as well as the words so that parents can understand the gravity of the situation - Taking into account what children of different ages can understand and how long they can pay attention in a conversation A sensitive understanding would help parents in moulding their children into better judges of their surroundings- a factor that is important in this cut throat scenario. Mahansaria further said, currently classes are doled out to teach parents on the importance of life skills and how they can impart the same to their children. Experts provide guidance on how to stimulate the child's intellectual, social and emotional development and manage common parenting issues. In these sessions a complete understanding of the child's mental capabilities is taken into consideration, while easing parents through the finer details of parenthood. Such activities empower parents to mould their ward into better citizens of the future. Also, happiness quotient is an important factor- something that the current generation sorely lacks. In their tryst to achieve the most in less time, children are often forced into a grueling timetable that results in the rapid loss of innocence. Life skills promote the healthy growth of children through activities that promote their curiosity towards the world and urge them to see positives in every situation. The present world may be bleak but with conscientious efforts from parents, the younger minds are certain to witness a brighter future, Mahansaria concludes. (ANI)